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Best High End Gaming Pc Build 2019

Assalamu Alaikum Friends Hope everyone is well. Today we will make 3,000 gaming PC. If you want to be st performance you must have to ensure Best High End Gaming Pc Build 2019. Now you can tell who this PC is for. To create this gaming computer, keeping in mind the gamers of Bangladesh. You can do good computer video editing with not only this computer gaming.

Sifat brother requested to create a gaming PC. Thank you sifat bhai If you want, you can ask us about your gaming device or game. We will try to answer you as soon as possible. If you like this post a little, you can share it with your friends who don’t know about it. Thank you so much for reading this post. There are posts about many games for you on our website you can read.

Besides, you can do graphics design tasks if you want. Hopefully, then we understand who this PC is for. This computer originally created keeping in mind the gamer. So let’s start the task of creating today’s gaming computer.

The components that we have used to create this computer, in our budget, are the best of these components. You can use components of your own mind if you like. Each of the components of this computer that we have used is very readily available in Bangladesh market.

You can buy and use these components from any local store near you. If all these components are not available in the stores near you, must buy those from online online. Below are some of the best ways on the internet.

The things we need on this computer like: motherboard, graphics card, processor, these components are the main components on this computer. Excluding these components, I can change the rest of my components in my own mind. We are not using any SSD because we have less money. If you have the money, you can go to SSD. So, let’s get start it.

Description of Gaming PC Components Tutorial


We used the ASRock AB350M-HDV motherboard as the motherboard. This motherboard is the Entry level B350 chipset motherboard. If you have a larger budget, you can use a premium motherboard. However, even though the motherboard is Entry level, you get 5 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports. And since there is a B350 chipset on this motherboard you can overclock the Ryzen processor.

There are many other motherboards within this budget that you can choose from if you like. Using the motherboard will allow you to upgrade everything in the future. The motherboard will will be BDT 5000 in Bangladesh market. All the components could be easily buy Bangladesh market.


As a processor we used the AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor. Although there are 5 physical cores, the R5 processor is basically given SMT technology. That is, its core is twice as much thread.

The base speed of the processor is 3.2 GHz and you can increase it later if you wish. If you want you can increase the processor up to 1.5 GHz later. We know that all of Ryzen’s processors can be overclocked.

It is currently the best processor at this price. You can see a new version coming out in a few days. This processor is priced at Tk 4,000 in Bangladesh market. All the components can be easily bought in Bangladesh market.

CPU Cooler

Since we do not overclock the processor. We are using the Raythealth Cooler that comes with the processor. If you have a budget, you can use any good quality cooler in the market. You can use stock cooler up to 1.5 GHz if you wish.


We are using Geil Evo Spear 2400 RAM and 1GB of RAM as a RAM on a gaming PC. Currently the RAM market is very hot. More than 5 GB RAM is not being taken here. You can use more RAM in the future if you want. At present we have use less RAM cause of the lower budget.

In the future you can use two 8GB + 8GB = 16GB. This will increase the speed of your computer many times. The price of RAM in Bangladesh market is 8200 Tk.

Hard drive

Used as the harddix, the well-known Western Digital 1 terabyte hard drive. We couldn’t move towards SSD because our budget was low. Besides, when gaming is the main thing here, I thought of the size of modern games and did not go to SSD. If you can raise your budget a little, you can buy an SSD and use it. Bangladesh market value of hard disk is Tk 3,000.


Power supply unit is using Antec Neo Eco 550 watt Semi Modular PSU. On this power supply you will get 80+ bronze power affirmation certification, current and voltage rise / down protection, 2 pins PCI connector which is more than enough for our RX 570. And being semi-modular you don’t have to worry about extra cable management. This power supply unit is priced at Tk 5k in Bangladesh market.

The chassis

Now let’s get the computer room or chassis. In this case we chose the Neos White / Silver Combo Window chassis as the chassis. In the era of tempered glass, we wanted to have a chassis with good quality Acrylic Clear Site Panel so that there was no shortage of space and features. The price in Bangladesh market is 5 rupees. These components can be bought very easily in Bangladesh market.

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