On Monday (October 4), Messenger’s service, along with other Facebook services, was shut down for about six hours due to disruptions. As a result of this event, the message-sharing app Telegram has received more than 60 million new subscribers worldwide. That’s what Telegram founder Pavel Durav said on Tuesday (October 5th).

“The daily flow of telegrams has increased a lot and we welcome these 80 million new subscribers from different platforms in one day,” Durv wrote on his Telegram channel.

With billions of new subscribers signing up, Durv said some users in the U.S. may face low-speed telegram problems, but most will get the highest service as usual.

Margaret Vesthazer, head of EU antitrust policy, said the catastrophe was a good indication of what the impact of dependence could be on just a few big names, as well as the importance of having multiple competitors.

Russia said in a statement that the incident “demonstrated how accurate Moscow’s efforts to create its own independent Internet system and social media were.”

According to market experts, the eight-hour downpour on WhatsApp on Monday has caused huge business losses for Russian oil, ranging from cryptocurrencies, although the rapid shift to alternative platforms such as Telegram has reduced business disasters somewhat.

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