Facebook Development

In both hardware and software, Facebook is thought to be working on a wide range of product developments at the same time – but Facebook has decided to slow down its product development following a recent Whistleblower report in the Wall Street Journal.

However, Ubergizmo has commented that Facebook is not stopping its product development at all. Instead, all the department heads of Facebook are analyzing their products so that they do not tarnish the reputation of the organization. Especially when it comes to children, they do not have to be criticized or affected.

A good example of this is Instagram. Because they recently announced that Instagram development for children is currently shutting down. But reports suggest that other products may be affected in the same way. Zuckerberg also posted a large post on his wall about it.

According to him, I believe in this long time we have tried to do the right thing and create some experiences that improve people’s quality of life. It’s good for both our business and the community. I told the heads of my organization – to go deeper into the next few days so that you can see our activities.

However, the news media commented that since it is not possible for everyone to know what Facebook is doing behind its external activities, it is not possible to say what will be the impact on the users.

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