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An error has been detected in Chrome, Google’s popular browser. This error called ‘Zero Day’ can lead to cyber-attacks. So Google has warned Chrome users.

‘Zero Day’ is a type of error that first comes to the attention of hackers, then developers find out. As a result, it is too late to fix this ‘bug’. That is why in the world of technology, the error of the ‘Zero Day’ class is considered very important.

According to a report in the US business magazine Forbes, Google has made a blog post about ‘Zero Day’. According to the post, the 12th and 13th errors of Chrome have been found this year. These are capable of attacking Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Hackers may have known this before Google came up with the solution. This is why Chrome users are at risk. Google has not disclosed any additional information regarding the errors in accordance with its own protocol.

Google has brought a critical update to prevent such incidents. It will take some time for this update to reach everyone. That’s why not all Chrome users will be able to protect themselves from cyber attacks, the company warned.

There is a chance that you are currently protected because of an error in Google Chrome. For this, you have to go to the help option from the settings at the beginning. Then go to the ‘About Google Chrome’ option. If you have Google Chrome version 94.0.4806.61 or higher, then you know you are safe. If the update has not yet arrived in your browser, check it regularly and use it carefully.

One important step to keep in mind is to protect yourself from cyber-attacks. That is – restarting Chrome after the update. Chrome will not be safe without it, according to Forbes.

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