How To Create AdSense Account for your blogger।Tips for Approving AdSense in Blogger in 2019

How To Create AdSense Account
Easily create AdSense for your blogger।Tips for Approving AdSense in Blogger in 2019

Easily create AdSense for your blogger।Tips for Approving AdSense in Blogger in 2019

Hello friends how are you all good after a long time,
So with some of you coming up with such tips, Asis Ray Sakhi will benefit you a lot. Now that you have now, in 2019, Blogger Adsense has made it very difficult to find out how to do it very quickly.

So friends, you must read the furious post to know the full details of you. Of course, we will discuss the matter first. I tell you below.

First of all, to get you AdSense, you must have a blog. Of course, on the blogger site, I must tell you the things that I need to keep in mind.

You must create a new blog site, you must create a new box icon and at one point all you have to do is first use a dot com org website if you are aware of this in order to approve AdSense.

So friends, if you add the domain to Blogger then all you have to do now is to write your own article on Blogger. No copy can be copied. After that, how do you write an article? Upload your website as soon as possible.

You will write the best article by 1000 words. Okay, after writing the article, I must tell you what you need to do fast here and the descriptive type must submit your website to Google Webmaster Flow. I’m going to tell you how to add it to your website.

How do you create these pages? You can search Google to create these pages. How do I create abstract pages?

So if you write like this, you will see how Lazar will give you a lot of Lazar. How do you create one?

So friends, if your son deletes all of the things I am talking about above, of course you can apply in AdSense how to apply in AdSense you will have to go to the court of government to apply in Adsense. What they do there.

How to fill out the Adsense form that will come up to you, you will be automatically added to your website to fill it in. So what you do in your Gmail is a little SMS to your environment, your blogger template will come and add it from there. Add-on Forces.

Friends, you don’t need to do anything anymore Just wait then if your website does everything well then your presence and how to give it within seven days and 15 days will let you know with Google Adsense.

So friends today, everyone will be fine until now, next time something else will be in front of you.

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