Download youtube video in mp3
How to download youtube video in mp3

YouTube is a large video platform to watch and earn also. Billion of views YouTube gets in small time. We all love to watch on YouTube. Because YouTube is a gathering of every type of video. All over the world. We get any type of video in here that could solve our problem also. Besides video here have a lot of audio podcasts also. If you want to know how to download youtube video in mp3 you will get complete knowledge here.

We listen to audio podcasts in our free time something like on travel, on a large field, for the rest of the time. Sometimes you aren’t able to keep an Internet connection on our Smartphone. Sometimes we reached our remaining internet pack. For this, we need to save this type of video or audio podcast on our phone or laptops. It’s to legal to download YouTube video but sometimes we do it for our important. We can download this but we can’t use it for any commercial use without creator permission. Anyway, it’s easy to download youtube video in mp3.

For personal issues, we can download YouTube videos. Use means, video to see, audio to listen and share with friends and family.

Today I will share with you the best YouTube to mp3 converter. There have a lot of converters online that are able to convert YouTube videos to mp3. But sometimes quality is our main priority. For this, I always explain about best things after long research.

Best YouTube to mp3 converter.

There have a lot of converters but y2mate is a complete YouTube to mp3 converter. It’s very easy to download any mp3 from YouTube. No need to create an account, no need to pay, haven’t any type of hassle to download mp3 from YouTube by this. You will download mp3 just with the only URL. Just go to YouTube, copy a video or podcast URL and use it to convert mp3 from YouTube.

Please see following steps to convert youtube video to mp3

  • Copy a URL of the video
  • Go to y2mate
  • Paste URL on the box
  • Click on download button

Follow complete steps bellow of each option.

How to copy the URL of the YouTube video?

It’s very easy to copy a YouTube video URL. We all are using computers and Smartphones to watch or listen to YouTube videos or podcasts. For this, I will include both steps to copy the URL from YouTube by computer and laptop both.

Copy URL from YouTube by smartphone

Copy youtube video url by mobile
How to Copy youtube video url by mobile

I think you understand by seeing the image. You just open a video generally as your regular watch. Click on the share button. You will see a new slide popup. Just click on copy link.

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Copy URL from YouTube by computer.

Copy YouTube video URL by computer
How to copy Copy YouTube video URL by computer

You also can see on the image how to copy the URL of a YouTube video by computer. Just play a video or podcast you want to copy URL. Click on the Share button also. On the micro popup, you will see URL of your video. Just click on the copy to copy your URL.

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Go to Y2mate website

At first, copy that link and go to y2mate website to convert your URL to mp3. Y2mate is a lightweight site with high performance. Alexa’s global traffic rank is 200 only. So think about how popular this site is! You have no worry to go here and use this site.

Paste URL on the box

Paste youtube url to convert mp3
Paste youtube url to convert mp3

After goes to the site, you can see a box like an image on that site to paste your YouTube video or podcast URL. After pasting your copied URL on that box wait some seconds.

Click on download button

Downlod youtube to mp3
Download youtube to mp3

After past your URL on the box, you will see an interface like this image. Select the format do you want and click on the download button. You will get your mp3 instantly.

Note: You can download these types of audio only for personal listen or watch. Do not use it in the commercial.

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