Webmoney personal passport

Webmoney is now the most popular electric wallet to pay and get paid worldwide. If you are an affiliate marketer, you know how important is WebMoney. For safe use of WM transfer service, we all want to use a verified WebMoney account called WebMoney passport type “personal Passport”.

How can you get webmoney personal passport by a video interview?

If you have no ability to visit the Registration office you can apply for Webmoney Attestation remotely by Video Interview. For this, the best online registerer is Maksim Mazilov.

Step by step instructions:

1. Record VideoID and automatically upload this on Webmoney site and wait for Webmoney moderation for 1-2 days (except holidays and weekends).

2. Apply and pay you application using your “control panel”. You have to choose Maksim Mazilov as a Registator.

Do not transfer money directly to the Registrator WMid.  
This money will not be refunded.

3. Prepare all the documents required for attestation and Interview:

  • Application for a WebMoney Transfer Verified Passport for private persons – 2 copies, filled and signed by blue ball pen.
    You can download this form here (PDF)
  • 2 Passport copies or Government Card ID (both sides) – all the pages with the Government marks. (You do not need to make any notary legalization).

4. Make a scanned copy of the application and upload it on this page on the Webmoney server. (You can use your mobile phone to make a good photo instead of PDF)

5. Send all the above-mentioned documents in the hard paper (2 copies of application and 2 copies of passport/government id card) to the Registration office by Regular Post/Express Services. 

Please notify us of that letter sent by e-mail info@rostpay.ru. If you have any tracking numbers please let us know also. Please do not send pictures but send tracking numbers only.

When you make all the steps described before please wait until we get it and invite you for a Video Interview.

Filling of the application

Please fill in all the fields in the form step by step carefully.

At first download this form here (PDF)

Application filling sample

webmoney personal passport
Webmoney personal passport
Webmoney personal passport
Webmoney personal passport

If you have any doubts about the filling of the application you can send it to us by email for a pre-approval check (Subject of the email must be “Application pre-approval check”. Do not forget to include passport/government id scanned/photo copies.) 

E-mail: info@rostpay.ru

How to send the documents?

To be invited for a Video Interview you have to send all the above-mentioned documents by regular mail or express mail to our office. You can use any of the postal services in your country. You can send both tracking and non-tracking services.

Please note. All the post spending on you.

May I send scanned copies by email?


To get Webmoney attestation you have to go through the steps described before. This is Webmoney Conditions and Rules.

We can not accept ANY of the documents scanned, photos by email, messengers, or any other way. mersin escort

You can send hard scanned and signed documents to:

Postal and office address
Country: Russia
ZIP code: 344011
City: Rostov-on-Don
Street: Dolomanovsky street 70D, office 1, 10 floor fragman izle
Name: Mazilov Maksim fragman izle

Office +7 (863) 280-01-01
Mobile +7 (918) 558-90-63

E-mail: info@rostpay.ru

Video interview and attestation cost

It is 18 WMZ for today to get an attestation from Maksim Mazilov. It is equivalent to 18 USD. The cost may vary from time to time. 

How to set a time for a Video Interview?

After you made all the application steps we can set a time for a Video Interview with you. 

The Registrator works using Russian Working Calendar. Please learn it and choose the time better for you. Please note that the working time is UTC+3, GMT+3. You can check the current time in Rostov-on-Don and Moscow here. You can compare the time (example) there with your local time.

When you choose the time please write to info@rostpay.ru to arrange the meeting. kaş escort

You can call and ask at +79185589063 (mobile). Whatsapp accepted.  kemer escort

Video Interview. Tech requirements.

To save your time and get video interview comfortably please be sure: kundu escort

  1. Please make sure you can speak English.
  2. You prepare your passport. You have to show this document on the screen in a good quality. konyaaltı escort
  3. Choose the maximum lighted place in your room. It could be a window, a well-lighted place of direct light into your face. Your face must be clearly visible. alanya escort
  4. It is better for both of us to use a PC or laptop integrated camera. It must be stabilized. Do not hold it in your hand. The Front camera of your very expensive and very good phone will be poorer than a dedicated and integrated camera in many cases. Bigger camera = better quality of view. muratpaşa escort
  5. Fix your phone camera while video interviewing if you decide to use it. antalya escort bayan
  6. Please grant access for your browser for camera and microphone.  antalya escort


  1. My Webmoney Keeper is blocked and I can not make payments. How to pay for Attestation?
    Write a message to the support team and ask them to make a payment for attestation. They will make it possible to allow you to pay for attestation.
  2. How much does it cost to get a Webmoney Passport?
    At this moment the cost of all things to be attested is 18 WMZ. This amount must be paid automatically on the Webmoney site.
  3. Should I make a notarization of the documents in my country?
    No. You have no need to make it. Just use the above mentioned steps to get your Webmoney Passport.

Ask your questions by e-mail info@rostpay.ru

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