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How to Make a Blog Easy

Blogging is a smart online career now. In 2020 it’s going to be more competitive also. we everyone know what is blogging. A blog could be on many different. In all of the two ways is perfect at all time. One is video blogging and another one is writing. I explain here about writing blogs. Writing blogs is now popular all over the world. For this thousand of people want to know about making this. Peoples of beginner labels always want to do something in easy ways. For this, they always ask how to make a blog easy & How to make money by blogging in easy ways.

It’s real that, making a blog is not hard but after making a blog, you have to work hard in the current time. Which type of hard work you have to do in here? This type of question you can ask me. See, you are making a blog to write. If you can write your blog with quality content it’s better. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your, if you serious about this and you have a better knowledge of a subject you can do it. You just need complete writing skills. See, you will show your written article all over the world. for this, it must need with high quality and with complete grammar also.

Ways to make a blog.

There have two different ways to make a blog for writing. One is free and another one is paid. I think you know paid things are always better. The free one is will be like a subdomain. Many websites share their subdomains with another one to do blogging. In all of one most popular is by goes to blogger you could make a blog for you to write there.

Another one is best for always. for this, you need to make a blog website for yourself in your chosen domain. Read here about chooses a domain. You just have to buy a domain and hosting from a web hosting company like Namecheap, Siteground, etc. After buying these you need to install WordPress on your hosting. You will get a lot of video tutorials on youtube by searching How to install WordPress. You will get videos also to setup WordPress. By watching those videos you will get the knowledge to manage WordPress websites also. To setup WordPress, you just need a theme to look better. There have a lot of free and premium themes on the market to use WordPress. If you have a budget then you can get a premium WordPress theme to make blog perfect. If you feel it’s very hard to set up a blog you can hire someone to setup this at a small cost also.

Types of blog

A blog would be in many different ways. At first, I will explain how many types that will be good for you. Now there have 3 types of blogs are running good. One of these is Micro niches blog another one is small niches blog and the third one is Authority blog. I’m going to explain these three different ways of blog clearly with a wide description. by this, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Micro niches blog: For a beginner micro-niche blog is really perfect. Someone enter this sector to work with a lot of attraction but when he get failed to rank the site and didn’t get visitor then they ignore it. Someone didn’t find a lot of subjects to write more content to write many. In this type here hasn’t this type of problem. In this type, you will choose a perfect keyword that has good search volume and low SEO competition. Then write a 5-10 post on that site with 4000 to 5000 words in each post. All posts will be related to one subject. Then make some backlink and other SEO optimization. Your site will be rank automatically.

Small Niche blog: Small niche blog is some related to the micro-niche blog. Here also you no need to work a long time. Here also you have to write in a specific subject. Like you select a subject that is a camera. You must have to read here about only the camera and accessories. Here you just need to write 30-40 posts. You need to write 10 posts with 4000-5000 word and the other 30 will be 1500-2000 words. After complete writing, you just have to do off-page SEO to rank your blog on Google.

Authority Blog: In all of, an authority blog is very hard to build. Here you have to select a large subject to write. If you select technology, you will be able to write all of that related to technology. if you select health you will be able to write everything related health and fitness. So here, you have to write a post everyday. Here you have to do work daily to get better results from here. It’s a large profitable site also if you are able to rank this type of site on Google. An authority blog site will be your perfect and professional career for a lifetime if you work with quality.

If you select a small niche blog its good. But you could keep a way to make this authority after rank. Like you are going to make a small niche site in the subject of golf. There you could select your domain related to games. By this, you will be able to make this site authority. Then you could write here everything about related games.

Ways to make money by blogging

After complete everything, you will be able to make money by blogging. if you have a good number of visitors on your visitor you have to monetize your blog. There have a lot of methods available to earn money from a blog if you have a visitor. You will advertise ads network, you can do affiliate marketing to promote another product and you also could sell your own product on your blog also.

Ads Network Such Google Adsense

First, select an ad network. The most popular ad network for both bloggers and advertisers is Google’s AdSense. There are other networks like BidVertiser, Infolinks.
Apply to be an ad publisher on your preferred network. Your bank account, along with other information, will also have to provide details on where the commission money will be sent, so keep that details in mind. No.01 method is Google Adsense to monetize your whole blog by ads. Read here details about Google Adsense. By Google AdSense, you could place their ads on your site. When someone will click on ads of Google Adsense then you will get an amount for those ads. Adsense work in CPC(Cost Per Click) process.

If your application is approved you will be mailed notification from the advertising network. You will then be sent an ad code that you will publish on your blog. You can publish it to your liking, such as you can place it in the middle of the writing or in the bar next to the text. Within two hours of placing the ad code on your ad, it will be posted to your blog by the ad network and the ad will be displayed on your blog.
You’re done Once your readers click on the ad, the money will be credited to your account. Read here to get fast approval of Google Adsense.

How much money could you make by blogging in this type

You can earn from $ 1.5 to $ 1 per click. This income depends on the content of your blog because the ads are based on the content of the blog. The amount of your income depends on how many people are clicking the ad.
How To Earn More Revenue – Try to find out where ads are placed in your blog, which will attract the most readers and encourage them to click. Fix the type of ad as well. Just as in a blog, more ads are clicked with pictures and on any other blog, more ads are written readers.

Affiliate Marketing

This way can be quite a good income. You need to promote a product or service by writing a blog. Be careful about choosing a product or service. You have to understand what your readers may want to buy. That’s why research and analysis are needed. Be careful when promoting, readers may come to your blog to read your articles, and they may be annoyed when you see a product or service promotion.

How it works: Writing a link to a product or service needs to be published on your blog. You will receive a commission when the reader clicks on that link or buys it.
How to use it on your blog? First select which product or service you want to market. Some of the most popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, OMG India, Trootrac media. Also, companies like Flipkart or Amazon have the opportunity to be directly involved as a marketing affiliate.

Fill out the application form by visiting the preferred website. At the time of application, you may need to know what strategies and procedures you have set for marketing. Most websites will decide within 24- 12 hours whether your application was accepted or not.
Once the application is accepted, you can log in to your affiliate account and select the appropriate link for your blog. After adding the appropriate link or ad to your blog, see if it works properly.

You are now ready to earn as an affiliate. Then whenever you click on that link or buy a product or service you will get a commission from it.

How much money you can get: From 2.5 percent to 5 percent of the sale price you can get. The price of the commission depends on the product or website. For example, if you advertise on Flipkart, if a buyer buys a mobile phone, you will get a lot more commission than the commission you get if someone buys clothes.
How to Earn More Revenue – Select the product or service that your reader has in mind. Commodities that sell more often have lower commissions, so when choosing products or services that are relatively low-selling, your readers are encouraged to buy them.

Sell ​​your own product

The most stable and surefire way to sell your products with the help of a blog. In this case, it is possible to have the most control over income. Since the product design, pricing, marketing is done entirely by the blogger himself, the income also depends on him.

How it works: Create a product or service that suits your skills. Then sell it through the blog.
How to use it on your blog: Create a product or service by hand or with someone. You can create digital products like ebooks, video courses or books, cookies, etc.
Determine the price of the product or service. Decide how the product will be delivered to the buyer, whether in a courier or post or if the buyer has to come and collect it himself. Determine the method of collecting sales price, PayPal, Cash, Check, Sending money directly to the bank, choose the method most convenient for both you and the buyer. Add a landing page to the blog, describe the product you created there, write details about the product’s use, suitability, add buy button.
Promote your product beyond your readership. Use media like social media, email marketing or AdWords.
Sell ​​your product and earn from it.
There is no upper limit to how much money you can earn. Prices, production prices are all because of you.


If you really want to work in this sector you just have to focus on your works only. If you made a good audience in your blog then the money is nothing for you. You will get unlimited income when you will get a lot of visitors on your site. All over there have thousand of reasons to make a blog site at this time. If you can work hard in this sector in a time of growing, you will be a success here sure.


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