Google drive

To access Google Drive’s cloud storage service, you first need to open a Gmail account. Google recently removed free storage for their Google Photos and Data. These can now be stored on Cloud Storage Drive for all Google services. In this case, users will get the benefit of 15 GB of free cloud storage for one of their Google accounts. To get the benefit of more storage, you have to take membership. Here are some easy ways to upload Google Drive to your computer.

First you have to enter Now you need to see if you have signed in to the correct Google account. Then click on the profile image at the top right. Then click on My Drive on the left side of the browser window. Now you have to select the file and upload it to the drive of Windows File Explorer (Windows File Explorer). Then you have to drag and drop that file.

Here’s how to install the Google Drive app on a smartphone: Launch Google Drive and click on its plus symbol, which is at the bottom right. The above upload option allows users to add different types of files to their phone. Then select the file and press and hold the file. You can choose and upload the file of your choice. Then click on the right button in the upper right corner and it will be uploaded.

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