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The first thing I really want in my head is a Facebook page. Opening the page takes a couple of minutes. Then how to make the Facebook page popular? Surely not everyone will like or follow in a hurry. I want to be patient to increase the likes on the page, I want to know some special tips.

Sort the profile

If you have a different name for a Facebook page, you can differentiate yourself, but users will not find the page easily. Keep in mind the habit of looking for people. In other words, keep in mind what people are searching for by typing on Google or Facebook and fix the name and URL of the page. In this case, if the brand is known, the page can be opened under that name. And if you don’t have a brand in mind, keep the page name or URL as simple as possible.

Many people open the page again and jump to increase the likes. If the description, slogan, address, opening hours, website, phone number, location are not correct, Facebook will not promote that page. So fill in this information over time. It’s nice to be able to add your own animated or video cover. When uploading a picture, don’t forget to write a nice description of it. Pin the most interesting post on the page.


Like and constructive comments on the good posts on other people’s pages from the profile of the page without waiting for others to like and comment on your own page. Don’t write in one word or random just to show the name of your page. No one will be interested in your page. In order to increase the organic growth of the page, your page should be ‘everyone’s friend’ at the beginning.

Call to action

If it is a business-related page, you must put the appropriate button in the top bar. In some cases, it may be a send message, in others, it may be a sign-up. You can also add a ‘Shop Now’ button when there are enough items in the ‘Shop’ section of the page. In this case, the use of send message or call button can be said more.

Add group

As the page’s fan-followers begin to grow, try to bring them all under one roof. You can form a separate group to share their opinions or posts. Organic likes can also increase because of that group.


Facebook live video is 10 times richer than normal video or post. So if you find an idea that matches the page, try to make it live. Facebook still tries to put live videos on top of their news feeds. In this case, you can show a demo of a product or service or an interesting tutorial.

Post size

A typical organic Facebook post is 40-60 characters long (in English, with spaces). If you can give more information in a few words, Facebook will increase its ‘richness’.

Not wrong information

Do not post contradictory news or something wrong to increase page engagement. Facebook is now quite vocal about fake information. If you get a ‘report’ of incorrect information, your page will go to the red list.


Understand the habits or routines of your subscribers or page followers. You have to choose accordingly when posting. The engagement time of the users on each type of page is also different. For example, if there is a food delivery page, post it in the morning or afternoon, not at midnight.

Instant reply

Set up automatic replies so that customers receive any information as soon as it is inboxed on your business page. Go to the settings on the page and go to the messaging option on the left. Then select Response Assistant and select ‘Send Instant Reply’. Click Change and enter the message as you wish. If your buyer or customer is only in this country, then write the welcome message in Bengali. Finally, save.

Facebook pixels

If you have a separate website, use the ‘Facebook Pixel’ option for the Facebook page of that site. I want to have some IT knowledge for this. Pixels here mean a shortcode that will be on your website. Facebook will get the information of the customers who visited your website through that code. You can adjust the ‘target audience’ accordingly. In other words, Facebook Pixel arranges for those who visit your website from time to time to see more of your Facebook posts.

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