How to Make a Blog Easy

A blog website can be a source of income throughout your life. If you can make your blog site a little harder to stand up to. So from here, you can earn a good amount of money every month. Which many of them are doing successfully.

If you write a good article regularly with a little trouble at the beginning, you can earn up to $ 5 per month from your blog.
You do not need to know much good English for this but if you wish you can now create a blog site in Bangla language and write articles in Bangla itself. It is now possible to get many visitors through the blog site in Bangla language and now a good amount of money can be earned from the Bangla blog site.

The cheapest thing is that the website in Bangla is now offered by Google Adsense. As a result, the blog admins no longer have to wear any ads on the website. And the amount of income has increased a lot.
But yes if you can create a blog site in English then your success rate will be much higher because the English language visits are much higher than the Bengali language and if you create a blog in English then most of your visitors will come to Europe, America. , Canada from those countries whose country has a higher advertising cost than our country, so if you have a blog site in English, your income will be the amount is increased.

If you wish, you can work part-time on your blog full-time on any basis, and you can spend your leisure time writing and writing on your blog. The better you remember, the more time you spend on your blog, the more likely you are to succeed.
So today, I will tell you how to create a blog site and how to build it. How to bring many visitors to that blog and how to earn from your blog, I will tell you everything A to Z today.
For those of you who are new and who knows a little about this, this article will be of use to all. Here I have discussed everything about the blog site. I hope all of you will know something new from this article and you can earn 1 dollar per month. So even though it is a bit of time, everyone should try to read the entire nutrition carefully.

Everything we learn and know from today’s article

What is a Blog?
How to create a blog website?
How to be a Blogger?
How to get visitors to the blog?
How to earn from a blog?

How to start a blog

To create a site you must first register a domain name and hosting, there are numerous websites for this. The best I have seen in is that by visiting this site you can buy a domain and a hosting you like, or you can pick up a domain and hosting from any website you like. No matter Then they will give you a site control panel to control your site through which you can control everything on your site.
Once the domain hosting has been taken, you will have to log in to the control panel and search for WordPress from the software options.
Then install WordPress and from there you will get a blog site where you can write any article or post you want.
If you know the work of Webdesign and web development then you will not have to worry about it. You can develop and customize your blog very well. But if you do not know how to work, but you do not have to either work with developers to buy custom themes.
In this case, it is good to say that if you want to do this by increasing the number of developers, you will have to pay a lot of costs. Which may not be possible for many. So I think there are a lot of good custom themes available at low prices, from which you can purchase a theme and install it on your blog.
This will reduce your costs in many ways and allow you to customize and customize your theme the way you want. Because you don’t need to know the coding anymore to customize the current premium themes.
You can customize everything from WordPress to theme customization options. Without doing everything you can control most tasks from there without any coding knowledge.


Making a blog is very easy but to earn from here you have to do hard work here. At first, starting a blog, do not think about money. Just focus on your work. write a high-quality article on your blog site regularly. When you will start getting a good amount of visitors every day on your site, then your earning will be automatically started. Read the earning method from a blog.

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