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Blogging is a perfect career in the current time. It’s an easy and profitable online job idea also. It’s easy only for whom those who have perfect knowledge about a topic and he has the best skills also to write. There have a few more options for blogging without writing. Youtubing is one of the best options for video blogging. But if you want to start a blog on or you already started it’s very easy to do without any investment. To be successful in blog career, SEO is most important. Without SEO you never could be a success in this sector. For this, I include here a perfect SEO setting for blogger beginners to advance.

Blogger, What is SEO Seo Setting in Blogger?

  • Basic
  • HTTPS airt
  • alter Meta Tag search description
  • alter Custome Robots Txt
  • alter Custom Robots header tags
  • On-page SEO
  • What are the Labels?
  • What is Search Description?
  • Header SEO

Blogger is a free result of Google wherever you’ll build your 1st diary for nothing. thus to boost your diary you have got to alter Advanced SEO Setting for Blogger.
The SEO is extremely vital to rank your diary or it additionally helps America to realize guests from a computer program.

What is SEO

Search engine improvement (SEO) is driving targeted web site traffic to your web site from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and etc. The SEO for Blogger is to boot set By Blogger. You don’t ought to SET physically Advanced Setting in Blogger. In any case, these settings area unit meagerly to rank your diary.

SEO for your diary spot diary is imperative to rank your Blog. Search Engine improvement is antecedently done by the blogger. however this not enough to rank your diary. The Advanced SEO Setting in Blogger is analogous to your web site meta description, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Search Console. So during this article, we are going to examine on Advanced SEO setting for Blogger. thus while not delay lets start.

Seo Setting in Blogger. Now, we are going to examine the default SEO setting In Blogger thus lets started.


Pick your title on that topic you wanna begin and select your description all concerning the knowledge concerning your topic.

HTTPS airt

Always on HTTPS for your security and divert (redirect) your diary.

Alter Meta Tag search description

In Blogger we tend to use some custom themes however in some theme, we tend to didn’t get default meta tags. thus we’d like to feature meta tags manually. The meta tag may be a heap of your {site|website|web site} information like your site Title, Description, Keywords, Author, Language of your web site, Country of your web site, Content-type then on. This area unit info is within the hypertext markup language format.
Search engine crawlers check this code and creep your web site and record it on search engines. Empower Meta Tage Search Description in Setting » Search Preference » In meta tag search description compose your web site description of one hundred fifty characters and save.

Alter Custome Robots Txt

Enable Custome Robots txt on Blogger. Robots.txt may be a document that’s only for robots.
robots discover your post and pages wherever you place it into your web site.
To attend the setting » Search Preference » Crawlers and ordering » Custom Robots.txt and paste the subsequent code.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:
User-agent: * Disallow: /search Allow: /

Alter Custom Robots header tags

This setting is for creep for the web site in an exceeding computer program after you can publish your post then Google and different computer program Robots mechanically creep and index your web site uniform resource locator and Post Permalinks. Now you click on ( Custom robots header tags) button click on and follow below figure setting for
Crawling, during this Setting primarily, we wish to inform Robots of a computer program that follows our Setting for classification.

On-page SEO

There area unit two styles of SEO area unit On-page SEO, Off-page SEO. At this time, we are going to state on-page SEO. The on-page SEO suggests that once writing an editorial we’d like to boost our writing of the article. On-page SEO is formed by composing a pursuit engine improvement friendly article. There area unit some on-page SEO strategies that I’ll share here for bloggers. Now we tend to wanna select the Second a part of computer program improvement it’s known as On-page SEO.

Login -> New Post -> Post Setting

where you enter your Post class in Labels Schedule permalink Location Meta description however you want to write a meta description in Search Description as a result of it’s the foremost powerful tricks for SEO.

What is the Labels?

Labels area unit used for web site classes otherwise you will say that labels area unit menus of the positioning.

What is Search Description?

Search Description is that the box that uses for describing Meta Description for every post in Blogger.

Header SEO

It’s all concerning the theme and main structure setting of the diary before this setting you must have information concerning hypertext markup language Tags. So guys! 1st of all found out H1 hypertext markup language tag is that the Heading Tag in hypertext markup language these h1 And h2 tags are often Boost ranking for an internet site, Replace H3 to H2 in Your diary. Go to -> Theme, Then click on Edit hypertext markup language Press ctrl+f then write and replace to

In all of SEO is most important for a website. It does not matter is this on or WordPress or any other process. Without SEO it’s never to be a success in blogging career. So at first, you have to knowledge about this.

All done! You can read here SEO For Facebook Page.

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