Adaptive Marketing

The present global crisis has been an unprecedented situation. The havoc caused by COVID19 is so far massive and it is surely going to leave a major impact, with a reported loss of trillions of dollars in the global economy. No matter which industry you are in, that you are going to suffer is apparently inevitable. Now, this fact is forcing every marketer to think in a different way. Going by the marketing strategies that have worked for years in the past, will not work now. And this very fact is driving many to think in a totally different light.

It is true that we cannot predict a major upheaval like this. But keeping the business agile for any such unprecedented situation seems like a good idea now. The global economic meltdown has become a glaring reality currently which is threatening every business across industries as well as geography, which is also making the marketers think of coming up with strategies that can somewhat keep a business flexible and protect their brands from a potentially high revenue loss. So, when you are consulting the online marketing agency you have hired, it is necessary that you discuss such adaptive marketing too.

What is Adaptive or Flexible Marketing?

A flexible or adaptive business is all about keeping the business or the brand afloat by changing strategies in real-time. The success of an organization depends on the ability to adjust when faced with a challenging time. It might happen that your business is probably following such strategies even though in those clearly definitive terms. But at the same time, applying these principles, especially in a time like this, can help you survive and keep the damage minimum. If you are hiring an internet marketing company, make sure that they are willing to introduce such principles to you too.

5 Short Term Adaptive Strategies that You Need to Follow

01. Optimize the Online Presence

Optimize the business and its online presence according to the need of the hour. For example, right now, if you are trying to remain accessible and visible on the search engine, you got to do some changes that will be beneficial especially because of the timing. For example, if you are thinking of ways to increase engagement with your consumers, think of social media marketing and email marketing during this time. As everyone is stranded at home and mostly glued to their phones or computers, you will get more chances of engagement. If you are an educator, think of introducing online classes. If your services and products are relevant during this time, you can consider adding more contact details on the site or you can offer delivery facility too. You can use Chat bots for improving communications with your consumers as well. Your main aim should be to optimize the user experience through online presence.

2. Reevaluate the Target Consumer

The present global crisis has proved that the demographic of your target audience can change quite easily. Given the global situation, a particular segment of the audience can become your target audience suddenly and you as a brand can become irrelevant to some as well. So, when you are coming up with new strategies, it is necessary that you are reevaluating your target audience too.  Ask the following questions to yourself,

  • Where are your target consumers presently located, both in the physical and digital sphere?
  • How does the crisis affect the audience and how can it change their behavior?
  • What is the pattern of the change in demand of your audience?
  • How can you reach them more efficiently?

While re-evaluating, keep the latest needs in mind along with how your services and products can be relevant to them.

3. Offer Resources that are Relevant

During any crisis, it is natural to find your audience overwhelmed. However, that doesn’t mean that their demands of life will be changed forever. They will still need to avail of what you are offering. That is why you need to pitch for sale while also making sure that the resources you are offering are relevant during the time of crisis. For example, if you are a publisher right now, your business should be relevant as people are staying at home and have plenty of time for reading. But the bookstores are closed and so is the delivery. Hence, Ebooks can be the best resource right now. Or maybe you are a speaker and all your events are postponed for an indefinite period of time. You can go for podcasts and webinars during this time too. Consult the digital marketing agencyyou are hiring to find out which resource will be the most relevant to your offering.

4. Build a Strong Consumer Community

When people are going through some crisis, it is obvious that they look forward to talking to others who are also going through something similar. So, offer your customers a community that will be a strong foundation for your brand marketing too. You can adapt to different platforms for podcasts, webinars, and so on where your consumers can have conversations with people of the same interests. Or you can think of offering your loyal customer base the facility to create a profile on the website and have access to some special offers that are not available to all. In this case, consult a company of digital marketing services too to know which one will be the best way for you to create such a community.

5. Optimize SEO Strategies

With the fast-changing scenario, the need for SEO is also changing. There might be the time-tested SEO strategies that have been offering you the desired results. But that was in the pre-COVID19 period. Right now, things are rapidly changing every day. So, keeping your SEO strategies agile will be the best option. Follow some steps like,

  • Identifying shifts in search intent with the help of Google trends.
  • In case you can identify changed behavior in Google Search Console, optimize your website accordingly.
  • Focusing on dynamic pages where you can add content and tags immediately.
  • Keep updating as the demands of the consumers are changing regularly.

So, now as you know how you can become agile and remain prepared for an unprecedented situation in terms of your brand marketing, start implementing these principles.

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Mitali Purkait Ghosh is the co-founder of Digital Concepts, an emerging online marketing agency that offers 360 degree marketing. Here, in the blog she writes on how you can introduce the principle of adaptive marketing in your strategy and how a digital marketing agency can help you with that.