Network Computer Examples | What is Computer Network?

What is network computer

In the uses of current technology, we all are connected with the network. We are using multiple types of smart gadgets in our daily life. All of the technological gadgets are connected with the network. This type of network called the internet. Read complete information and uses the internet here. If you want to know what is network computer, you need first complete knowledge about the network. A computer network is a network that connects multiple computers. In simple words, the hardware or software of one computer is interconnected for use by sharing one or more computers. This system is called a computer network. It’s the main part of the whole technology also.

Now the full world is connected with the internet. By computer, smartphone, tablet, smart tv all are connected with each other by internet connection. There have many types of connections with the computer. See some types of computer network bellow.

Types of Computer Networks:

Different types of networks have originated according to the needs of users and different organizations. For example:
Ownership basis: Two types of networks are available in ownership basic.
01. Private Network
02. Public Network

Based on the topology: There are mainly four types of networks based on topology. See some about this on the following list.

  • Star Topology
  • Ring Topology
  • Bus Topology
  • Mesh Topology

On the basis of functions: The network is mainly divided into two categories based on the characteristics of the functions.

Peer-to-peer network (Per-to-Per Network)

Client-Server Network On the basis of the workplace: The network can be subdivided into five, depending on the scope of the workplace

  • Local Area Network
  • Metropolitan Area Network
  • Wide Area Network

Based on switching: Depending on the switching strategy, the network is divided into 3 parts.

  • Circuit-switched network
  • Message Switched Network
  • Packet Switch Network

Based on the construction strategy: There are basically two types of network based on the construction strategy.

  • Point to Point Network
  • Broadcast or Multipoint Network (Broadcast or Multipoint Network)

Personal Area Network (PAN)

My laptop is connected to the home router. Also, my laptop has more small devices, including printers, external hard drives, and you can compare my current state to a PAN or Personal Area Network – now you can call it a single person network.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Gives an example of an office where some computers are connected at once, multiple printer scanners are connected at once, and the Internet connection is shared with everyone; Then it will be called LAN.

A local area network is a network consisting of several computers in the middle of the same building.

Devices used in this network are repeaters, hubs, network interfaces, etc.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):
Interfaces consisting of several LANs within the same city are called the Metropolitan Area Network.
Such a network can extend up to 3-5 miles.
The data transfer speed of this network is gigabits per second.
The devices used in such networks are routers, switches, microwave antennas, etc.

WAN (Wide Area Network):

The Wide Area Network is the network established over remote Lasoo. The data transfer speed of such network is 5 kbps to 1.5 Mbps. The devices used in such networks are routers, modems, van switches etc The Internet is the van

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