I’ve been testing a certain pair of new headphones. This is over the Bose QC 35 2 s. this is over the Microsoft Surface headphones, it’s the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 and threes. Terrible name but these are the real deal. Honestly, there’s not all that much you have to do to nail a pair of this category of over-ear noise-canceling headphones, so you’ve got to sound great.
You have to have good noise cancellation and then you just have to be somewhat comfortable and have a fairly good feature set and as you might imagine since I’m talking about him like this.

This male all of those so right off the bat with the sound these sound excellent. They’re full rich and clear with the sound they have more range and more deep bass than the Bose but without being overwhelming and short of studio headphones. This is a great sounding crisp clean pair of drivers and the noise cancellation is a bit better than the Bose. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 is defiantly better.
I was already sacrificing a little bit when I switched to surface headphones. I think those surface headphones had slightly worse sound and slightly worse active noise cancellation. But I loved the design and the comfort and USB type-c and the dials and all of that so that put them over the top for me. The best item for gift also.


These Sony’s though sound better than both are better at noise cancellation than both and they have a great design, basically as soon as I heard these I knew I liked them and they’ve been sort of growing on me ever since and also I wore these for five and a half hours straight on the flight to get here and they only really started to get tight by the end of those five and a half hours.
So design-wise I think these are kind of great and that’s something Bose has always been king at. These are lightweight like those the cups have a good amount of padding the top band is padded there are plenty flexible enough to not be squeezing your head all the time and getting uncomfortable.


Then they beat the bows by being USB type-c, it’s funny a lot of people see these and immediately think this copper accent at the top and it looks like the USBC port. But it’s not that’s the microphone at the top of both ear cups the USBC port is down here at the bottom. But yeah you can use the same charger as you already have for your phone or your laptop or whatever other USB see things you have and the battery life lives up to the 20 plus hours longer than the surface headphones it’s great. Its a better option in Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3.

How Is This In Use & Control?

Okay, I’m raving about these I’m making them sound pretty perfect trust me though they’re not perfect nothing’s perfect. I think in an ideal world I would combine these with the surface headphones and their dials and their design I think those functions a little bit better. But here are some things about these that aren’t quite perfect. First of all my number one complaint is the controls. There are only two physical buttons on all the rest of the controls all the rest of the work is all done by swiping and tapping on the right ear cup which is a small touchpad. So double-tap to play and pause swiping up and down to change the volume and forward and backward to change tracks.

Features & Build in Google Assistant:

It can be a bit fidgety it doesn’t work every time but you kind of get used to it another thing is when you take the headphones off. They just keep playing like normal headphones but the surface headphones would detect when you took them off your head and they’d pause and when you put them back on. They would keep playing again these don’t and I kind of miss that and then the two buttons that are physical on these are the power button and the noise cancellation / ambient mode switch which by default doubles as the Google assistant button so you can hold it to speak and talk to Google assistant.

Which is cool without ever you know taking your phone out your pocket you can ask Google assistant a question out loud and it’ll answer that question it can also read your notifications when you ask it to? But even with all of that I still prefer the surface headphones physical dials for volume and then there is also what is known as the cold weather issue with these headphones. There were a couple of reports about it or articles about it but basically when you take these out in you know freezing conditions or sub-zero weather the touchpads will start to register phantom touches.

So without you ever touching them it’ll start to play and pause your mouse and change the volume and the tracks and randomly stop playing, that’s pretty rough now. I have been using this outside you know as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So not below freezing but I haven’t had this issue yet to with as cold as it is in some parts of the world right now.

It’s worth noting that these do seem to have that issue. And I don’t know if it can be fixed with a software update. It may be possible. But as of right now if there’s a cold-weather issue that makes these unusable in certain climates. that’s kind of a bummer so I have to let you guys know about it also these headphones come with a good hard case like most other over your headphones. But I find that the way they fold is annoying maybe it’s just that. I haven’t gotten used to it yet but that’s a small nitpick honestly the case itself is fine. And if the wind or anything blows hard enough down on you from above the mics on the top will pick that up and you’ll hear it as a sort of a fuzzy static. I only notice this because when I’m on the airplane which is where a lot of people will listen to these.

I had the vents above me and they were blowing down like directly into those microphones so you just kind of adjust that anger fine. Oh, and the left ear cup has an NFC logo on it that can be used to tap to pair on the side of the headphones with an NFC naval device. So that’s pretty cool I’m gonna start using that more often to connect or to disconnect.

Pairing Issue of Sony Noise Canceling:

These headphones only pair to one device at a time and that might not sound like a big deal but when you get used to headphones with multiple device connectivity and seamless switching that is a big-time convenience. With these surface headphones or any other pair of headphones that support multiple devices. You can be playing something like literally music from your phone on the headphones pull out your iPad which is already paired to the headphones and hit play on some video or Netflix or whatever you’re doing and it’ll instantly take over on the headphones and there’s seamless switching back and forth between devices without dealing with the frustration of Bluetooth.
With these, you still have to deal with the pain of Bluetooth sometimes being kind of fidgety and not connecting on the first try and having to do it again and the whole pairing process is kind of annoying so yeah just.
I hope the next version of these that they make the m4s have that multiple device connectivity. But these don’t I wish they did I missed that. But other than that I love these headphones. They’re matte black mostly around which you know I love, but you also got this little copper accent at the top with the Sony logo and the microphones and it’s also on the zipper of the hard case. So, how they look is great how they sound is great, how they feel is great.

They’re ideal for flying of course and they’re also the go-to pick for just travel headphones in general and they’re just great for canceling out the noise of an office or a coffee shop or anywhere that noise-canceling headphones are good. So yeah that’s pretty much all there is to say about headphones.


Buying Guide:
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