Anker vertical mouse

Anker Rechargeable Wireless Mouse with Six button

We always like to use smart & different things. A different gadget also makes us different than others. Make more smarter than others. In this smart generation, we always use different things in our office & home. So why I present this smart & comfortable item in front of you.

Anker Optical Vertical Wireless Mouse

Anker wireless mouse

Anker Ergonomic vertical mouse has full of validity, innovation, and lot of health benefits. After work a long time you could feel a normal wrist and arms.

Have rubber oil coating to provide smoothly fingers from sliding. If you use it in your office or gaming this mouse is comfortable and healthy. It’s made you its scientific economic design. Keep the position is healthy and natural. Handshake West arm position for smoother movement. Advanced face back and face forward functionality with button for smooth and comfort web browsing.

Why Need Anker Ergonomic vertical wireless mouse?

It’s made with the scientific design you feel like handshake, wrist and arm position for smoother & comfortable movement.

Smart page forward and back functionally bottom are included in this mouse, Easily adjustable the sensitivity of the mouse 800 /1200/1600 DPI Levels.

Build-in with a high capacity rechargeable battery, No need buy to battery for use this. Easy to use, Micro USB receiver in the bottom of the mouse. You just need to plug and play.

Widely compatible with any device such as Laptop, Desktop, Notebook etc operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux.

Note: Forward & Back not compatible with Apple/Mac device.

Video Review Of Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Include six-button to using easy and comfort

Every general mouse has One right, one left button, and one scroll key but in this Rechargeable Wireless Mouse / Ergonomic vertical mouse has more two-button that you can back & forward page smoothly.

Easy To Use:

Six buttons give you really a bigger comfort in your daily work or gaming. It’s will improve control over features of your computer.

Connection Mode: 2.4G USB

Ergonomic vertical wireless mouse Will help you to make the best performance in your work or gaming. If you want to gain painless work on your computer, laptop, notebook and all other gadgets you must should my This Special mouse for better work experience.

Left Handed Acedada Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

left handed vertical mouse

There is 10% of people add left-handed. So, if you also a left-handed person then if you want to use an ergonomic vertical mouse, what can you do now? You also can use a vertical mouse with all of the features. Section of this review is only for left-handed people.

Every general mouse we can use with our left hand for life right hand both. But there we feel some problem to click. if you want to eat a left-handed mouse that need to be wireless, rechargeable, economic and vertical so you can check this product. There are all officers like a right-handed mouse. What is specially made for left-handed people? Click button command scroll, back and forward button especially divided to use with comfort for a left-handed purse person.

More About Acedada Left Handed Wireless Mouse

A perfect designed wireless ergonomic vertical mouse for a left-handed person. Is also a natural and healthy handshake wrist and arm position for smoother movement with this mouse. Very easy access to multiple is this using 6 buttons. All of the features are the same as a right-handed mouse. This is also not compatible with Mac OS for Apple devices.

It’s work ok brilliant and helpful for health. The click duration of this mouse is 5 million times. It’s also a noiseless mouse ever. There is a lot of benefit to using this mouse if you are a left-handed person. If you want to what do work with safely painless and comfort to must use this mouse to use in your home or office in both places.

I think it’s time to take a break from your old mouse with a lot of pain in your hand. It’s made contain to your health. Now the world no using an ergonomic vertical mouse is comfortable and healthy for every people.

This rand is providing you 24/7 customer support and 24-month tension-free warranty also.

Buying guide

This smart product is going to be yours. Just click the buy now button below and complete your order from Amazon. Amazon will provide you free shipping with this product in small time. You could also increase your warranty time. You can buy protection years 3 and 4 at only cheap price. It’s very special features for this mouse. Now click button below and order this product.
If you have any questions about this mouse.
Simply contact us. Our friendly support team is always ready to help you with any type of problem.

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