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Facebook is really the world’s No. social media in the world. We all use Facebook every day as part of life. We see millions of videos on Facebook. Sometimes we need to download this type of video to see later or personally use. So, what you do. Facebook does not permit you to download their videos. For this, there has a lot of Facebook video downloader online to download Facebook videos.

Now I will inform you about top 5 Facebook video downloader, they are great and very easy to use.

01. F2mate.com

F2mate.com is a complete Facebook video downloader on the whole online. When you will use f2mate, you will understand why it’s better. Another normal downloader has only three special features but f2mate has four special features. For this, it’s better than all. They have complete tutorials in the article to use the f2mate Facebook video downloader website. You will see all tutorials in the tutorial section. You can download facebook private videos also possible to convert Facebook videos in mp3 format. See the following Features about F2mate.com.

  • Download Facebook Video Using URL
  • Download Facebook Private Videos
  • Convert Facebook Video to mp3.
  • Complete f2mate mobile app.

For the f2mate mobile app, it got No. 01 position.  In this app users got multi-features to download Facebook videos. On f2mate you can download Facebook video by Url also download while browsing. You can download Instagram videos also with f2mate mobile app. To Use f2mate app, download f2mate Facebook video downloader app from Google play store.

02. Getfvid.com

Getfvid.com is a famous Facebook video downloader website. By this website you also can download Facebook video the same as f2mate. They also have good features on their website. They also have 4 features but not like no.1. See bellow features of getfvid.com

  • Download Facebook video using URL
  • Download Facebook private video
  • Convert Facebook video in mp3
  • Crome Extension

Getfvid special features are chrome extension. But the mobile app is a large useable than crome extension. For this, it’s got 2nd position.

03. Fbdown.net

Fbdown is the most famous Facebook video downloader. It’s no. 1 Facebook video downloader in traffic rank. But they have only three features on their website. The use of this website is very easy. See the features of this website to download Facebook videos.

  • Download Facebook video using URL
  • Download Facebook private video
  • Chrome Extension

Fbdown has a chrome extension like getting vid but they don’t have any mobile app to download Facebook video on smartphones.

04. Getfbstuff.com

Get stuff is not only a Facebook video downloader. It’s 3 in one video downloader. But the main tool is Facebook video downloader here. Here you can download the Facebook video using URL and also download Facebook private videos with this tool. Read features in the arrange list.

  • Download Facebook video using URL
  • Download Facebook private video
  • Download Vimeo vides
  • Download from Instagram

Getfbstuff is a simple website with a lot of features. But this list is only for Facebook video downloader. So, that’s why this is in here of the list.

05. Fbdownloader.net

Fbdownloader is the cleanest Facebook video downloader. It’s a very simple website also. Here you can download Facebook video by URL and convert it into mp3 format. It’s also possible to download Facebook private videos from this website. See features on the list.

  • Download Facebook video using URL
  • Convert video to mp3
  • Download Facebook private video

Fb downloader is also a very useful website to download Facebook videos. Here you don’t need to use Facebook video converter separately. In the video download page, you will see the mp3 option also to download mp3.


I think you understand which Facebook video downloader tool is better than all. After downloading a video you can’t use them commercially. Because you are not the owner of that’s videos. You can use that for personal use only. Otherwise, you will face copyright issues on your videos.

If you download a Facebook video but you are the owner of that, then you can use that as your wish. If you have any question you can contact us. we will accept your suggestions to rearrange after review.


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