ban tiktok in india

A biggest viral video sharing app TikTok is banned on a biggest global market India just into their new CEO in a month.

The Indian government announced on 30 Jun 2020 Monday Tiktak is banned to access in India. That is owned by a Chinese company ByteDance. They also banned more dozens of apps for violence on India’s china border by the Chinese army.

In this situation of TikTok, IT’s new CEO facing the biggest challenge because he joins as the CEO of Tiktok on 1 Jun 2020. In this one month, he facing this large issue. Because it’s a loss of half-million download on India. TikTok’s almost 2000 employees are working on TikTok’s India’s office to manage this country. Bot now they all are out of working for their banned issue.

Situation of TikTok India on 30 Jun 2020

TikTok is the biggest app with two billion all-time global downloads on may only. It’s a leading app with a large download record. This is the No.1 downloaded app also on the global market. TikTok introduces to the global market since 2017. The app is 660 million installs in India only according to the analysis of sensor towers.

The loss of Tiktok for banned India could be the biggest impact on their business of the ByteDance company. ByteDance reported its revenue in the fist three months of 2020 was $5.6 billion. It’s 130% growing revenue on year-to-year.

Mayer faces the challenge of minimizing the growth losses of tick-borne growth if the trend of sanctions in the Indian market continues. According to Sensor Tower, India accounts for about 30% of all downloads across the App Store and Google Play to date. Sensor Tower estimates that if sanctions in India remain in effect for the remainder of 2020, Tiktok could lose more than 100 million new downloads. With the announcement of the ban, Indian authorities say they have received “many complaints” about the apps, alleging “unauthorized use of users’ data on servers outside India and sending them with confidentiality.”

Concerns about the safety and security of user data have long plagued ticks, especially in the United States. The app has received intense scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers and national security officials through TickTock’s relationship with China – its parent company, ByteDance – which raises concerns about cybersecurity and risks to user privacy, as well as its impact on censoring content.

Mayer’s connectivity concerns at TickTock’s Los Angeles office can be reassuring.

This is not the first time India has banned. India temporarily banned the app in April 2019, citing concerns that it encouraged pornography and exposed children to predators. Earlier this year, after the video went viral, millions of Indians called for a ban on ticks that promote violence against women.

india’s recent ban comes as tensions with china over disputed territory on the border between the two countries escalate. at least 20 indian soldiers were killed in the clashes in june, and recent satellite images have shown military formations from both countries in the near future.


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