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Google Adsense is a popular ads network now worldwide. This is always the first choice of every blogger & YouTuber. Read here how to earn from Google Adsense. Now it’s very hard to get the approval of Google Adsense for new YouTuber and bloggers. But if you working properly and professionally, it’s very easy to get approved Adsense on your blog. For the requirements of Adssssense many times, we need to cancel or delete our Adsense account. It’s very easy to delete an approved Adsense account. But when you got disapproved on Adsense then you feel hard to delete this. For this, I explain here how to delete disapproved Adsense account.

We recommend you to try again to get Adsense approval on your account by reading the policy of Google Adsense. Google knows your patents. For this, if you maintain terms and conditions of Adsense to make your blog or website you defiantly get Adsense approval.

Sometimes you need to delete disapproved Adsense account for many different reasons. If you cancel your account properly please follow these steps listed.

  • Go to your Google Account;
  • Go to ‘Payment & Subscription’:
  • Manage Payment Method;
  • Go to setting section;
  • Click on ‘close payments profile’
  • Select a reason to close & click continue;
  • Click on ‘close payment profile;

By following those steps you will be able to delete your Adsense account in the proper method. To understand more I attached some image of every step. By seeing images of those steps you get clear knowledge to delete disapproved Adsense account.

Go to your Google account

At first log in your google account which one applied Google Adsense. Go to google account by clicking here. After goes to google account dashboard you will see your profile interface. Now do the following easy steps properly.

Go to ‘Payment & Subscription ‘

By clicking Payments & subscriptions that are indicated on the image you will go to the next page.

Manage Payment Method;

After clicking Payments & subscriptions you are on this page. Now you have to manage payment method.

Go to setting section

When you clicked manage payment method you redirect to the Google payment center. Now you have to go to setting section.

Close payments profile

In the setting section, you will see option to close the payment profile. You have to click on close payments profile.

Select a reason to close account

On this page you have to select a reason why you closing your payment account. Just select a reason as your requirement and click on continue.

Confirm to close the payment profile

Just click on ‘Close Payment Profile’ to done this job properly.

After complete, your process you will get two confirmation mail from google. One is confirmation of closing your google payment profile and another one is to cancel the AdSense account.

Payment profile closed confirmation.

In this mail from Google, you will confirm your total payment profile is deleted.

Google Adsense account canceled confirmation.

You will see confirmation mail of delete disapproved Adsense account.

This is a correct way to delete disapproved Adsense account. Your payment profile will be restorable in 30 days.


This is a very easy and simple way to delete your Adsense account. Google never say you to delete your Adsense account or close payment profile. Google always wants you feel free to use their service. But some critical condition you have to do close this. Sometimes you made double accounts mistakenly when you must need to close one. For this,I explain this guide.

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