How much does youtube pays

YouTube is now one of the most attractive & valuable careers. Million’s of people’s dream is now YouTube. YouTube launch date is 14 February 2005 by Google. After launch YouTube, it’s become famous very soon. YouTube is the world’s second high traffic website in the world where the first one is Google.  You know that YouTube is a product of Google. About 30 million people visit every day on YouTube. So, I think you understand, if you will work on this site properly, you must be successful. There are over 23 million people working with YouTube professionally. Most of these are successful. So, what you think? How much does YouTube pay you? YouTube diffidently can make you rich.

23 million peoples are not wasting their time. They are made their careers in here to make a perfect professional life. YouTube is an interesting career. Here everyone works with a lot of fun. You have to do hard work to create valuable content but if you are an expert content creator it will be the most attractive career on YouTube. Have millions of people they being rich only by YouTube. YouTube can make you rich but you have to work here full of mind. Everything is possible if you want from the mind. Just matter is time. If you have a question on your mind that youtube pay you or not, read here is YouTube profitable or not, you could read here completely.

How much does YouTube does pay really?

Actually there has no limit to earning money from YouTube. It will be based on the popularity of your YouTube channel. YouTube can pay you unlimited money that is over your thinking. Famous YouTubers are making millions of dollars per month only from YouTube. It’s out of your thinking. Only those peoples are working with YouTube they like to enjoy their life. If you like to enjoy your life with professional work you must have to choose this sector to make a career.

Read a list of YouTubers they are top in earning on YouTube. Read about their monthly income from YouTube.

  1. Pewdiepie – $7.18 Million per month
  2. Dude Perfect – 3.10 Million per month
  3. Vanoss Gaming – 2.32 Million per month
  4. Dantdm 2.30 – Million per month
  5. Juega German 2.00 – Million per month
  6. Markiplier 1.90 – Million per month
  7. Collins Key 1.88 – Million per month
  8. Atta Halilinter 1.44 – Million per month
  9. Jacksepticeye 1.42 – Million per month
  10. Smosh 1.40 – Million per month

By this ten YouTubers earning list you get knowledge about how much does YouTube pay. YouTube is ready to make you rich. You just have to do work with full of your creativity. It’s not complete earning of youtube. It’s just one part of earning that comes only from Google Adsense. There has lote of money ways to earn money from YouTube. When you will start working here and you will be famous on YouTube, automatically you will get hundred of income sources from here. But in starting, you just have to start with only Google Adsense.

How to be rich with YouTube?

One top list you saw some name of Youtubers they are earning those amount only from Adsense. Is this small income it does not matter. Because they are earning more in many different ways. If they didn’t take other ways to earn its matter of theirs. You have to earn from many different ways and you will do it must. Because you have to be rich with YouTube. It’s easy to be rich with YouTube if you know about making videos. To be rich with YouTube, at first you have to do focus on your work, not money. You think, you no need to earn in your first year from YouTube channel. In this one year, you have to work hard to make famous your channel.

You have to make high quality of videos that people really like. You have to find a subject that’s not fully available on YouTube with a professional hand but that has a lot of value, people want that. By getting this type of subject, your channel will be famous soon. People will be waiting for your video release. When you will publish a video, then all of your followers will see your videos. By this, you will get follower it means subscriber very fast. When you get a large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel then you have to start earning from your YouTube channel. You have to mind this; the visitor is ways of your earning. Without a visitor your channel is nothing. 

When you get millions of views on your videos, then you find your ways to be rich on YouTube. For this, you have to follow the policy guidelines of youtube to make videos.

Ways to earn money from YouTube

If you get millions of views on your videos then earning is nothing for you. You could earn hundreds of ways. In all of there have 2 best ways to earn money from YouTube that’s really regular. In these five ways, you could earn a lot of money from your YouTube channel. When you will be famous with your YouTube channel then you will carry a value of it.

Read the ways of earning from YouTube bellow.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the main ways to earn money from YouTube. It’s a way of permanent income also. If you just make videos and publish it on YouTube, you will get earning from this way. Read here complete about AdSense. Adsense is a multi-way of earning also. Adsense and YouTube both are one company. That is Google.  Adsense is an ads media company. Advertisers hire AdSense to show their ads and publisher will publish this on their videos and websites. In here you will be work as a publisher. After getting Google AdSense approval on your YouTube channel, you have to monetize your video when you are going to publish this. After publishing your video, your viewer will watch ads on your videos. By watching ads, you will get revenue for each ads view. This revenue youtube pay you by google Adsense account.

 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn money from this sector. For earning in this way, you have to promote products from several of the company. There has a lot of affiliate company also they are collect products from those companies they want to provide affiliate offers. It’s a perfect time to do affiliate marketing. In this time you can earn a large amount by only promote a product. Working process of affiliate marketing is, you have to sell another company’s product by your reference. So how can you do this? It’s very easy or you if you have a large number of visitors on your YouTube channel.

In your video, you have to tell about a product with a description. You have to tell all of the good features of that product. After this, you have to place the purchase link for that product. This link will be your affiliate link. If someone buys this product by clicking that link you will get a selected commission for that product.

Not only these two methods to earn money from YouTube. When you will grow your YouTube channel many companies will massage you to promote their company name. They will provide you free products to use this to make your videos. You just have to tell the name of that product.

How can you start Youtubing?

To start work on YouTube you have to keep focus on your work first. First time do not think about earning. Someone start YouTubing only to be famous. YouTube is a great place to make your name worldwide. When you will make a video that viewable worldwide, you will get your name worldwide famous. For this never think about earning first.

Make a large audience first for your YouTube channel they will watch your videos regular. After that, you could think about earning from here. In the YouTube channel, you can’t get AdSense approval to monetize your video instantly. For this you have to make 1000 subscribe and 4000 hour watch time in your channel in one year. It’s not any matter for you if you work here professionally. When it will be complete youtube pay you as usual.


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