What is google adsense

We every one knows about Google. Worlds No.1 website and a search engine are Google. So, what is Google Adsense? Google has many other services like AdSense, YouTube, ads, analytics, webmaster and many others. In all of Adsense is a dream for us. Google provides us AdSense to make money by working online. Adsense is one of the best services of Google. Everyone will be confused when they search on google how to earn from Adsense! Because Google Adsense gives us many opportunities to earn from there.

On the date of 18 June 2013 Google launch this Adsense service. After that, a lot of publisher is working on this professionally. Actually it’s a good and high profitable sector that’s work online. The publisher is earning millions of USD monthly by working on this. If you are an expert in any sector of working online then you could be able to earn also from Adsense.

Working process of Adsense

If you want to work in Adsense you must have to know completely about this. Google Adsense is an Advertisement Company. It’s the worlds No.01 Advertisement Company also. The earning type of process is CPC(Cost Per Click). The worldwide famous company publishes its advertisement by Google Adsense. Google Adsense works as media. The advertiser provides ads to Adsence and publisher publish those ads on website, blogs, videos and on many other places. The advertiser pays to Google Adsense Company and Google Adsense pay to publisher. If you want to work with Google Adsense you will be a publisher of Google Adsense. When you will be the publisher of Adsense and you will place ads on your site then your site will be monetized. When someone will visit your site and will click on ads also, then you will get an amount on your Google Adsense account as ads CPC.

Working and earning methods from Adsense

There have a lot of earring methods from Google Adsense. If you want to earn from Adsense you just need a place to show ads of Google Adsense. Also, you need a large audience at your place also to reach AdSense ads. There have two strong methods to earn millions of dollars by this. One of these is website and other on is YouTube. Both platforms are best for earning by Adsense. If you are here you must know about a website. Maybe you will see here ads of Adsense also. So, you will get real knowledge about place ads on the website If you are visiting here with Desktop then maybe you will see ads on the sidebar, or if you with mobile you will see ads on time of scroll down bellow. I just told it to give a real example to you about this subject. I think you have knowledge about youtube also. Youtube is a video platform. You have to need to be a video creator to work in this sector for Adsense.

Please will try to explain more about the website and youtube more bellow. Then you will get more knowledge about your working and you will know how to earn from Adsense.

Earn from Adsense by website or blog

Earn from Adsense by website or blog

You could earn a big amount from AdSense by a website. But any type of website is not for Adsense. It mainly works on the blog website. If you like to write then a blog website is a great choice for you. If you are a photographer then you could earn from AdSense also. If you are a professional photographer and you working on it seriously then you will be able to work with AdSense also. If you have a video website then you also can earn money from it. You will be able to place video ads also to make a better amount. Read full explain about each process of working bellow.

Earn from the blog website:  If you are a writer or if you like to write about any subject that you have great knowledge then you could be profitable by your writing. There have many processes to make a blog. One of these is blogger.com. You could make a free blog there to write your article. But it’s not a good process. That will be better if you made a complete website to write there. For this, you need to do a small investment to make a website. But you will get a permanent place for our own. You have to start writing an article on your site with good quality. Never copy any type of content from another site, you didn’t get the approval of AdSense for you blog site. If you got the approval of AdSense then you try to copy an article from another site, then AdSense could be disabled for plagiarism.  For this, you must have to write article by yourself for your visitor.

When you wrote 30-50 quality article on your site and you getting a good amount of visitors then you could apply for Google Adsense. When you will get approval then you could place ads on your site and earn money from this.

Earn from image website: If you love photography then it’s time to make a career on this. If you are a good photographer and your photograph is valuable then you could earn money from this also. For this, you also have to make a website to show your photograph for your visitor. If visitor like your photos and they visit your website daily to see new and take your image for personal use then you will be able to apply for Google Adsense. You have to upload much amount of photos on your site to apply for Adsense.

When you will upload a photo you have to write a description of your photo also to get a better response from the audience. It will be better for Adsense also.

Earn from video website: If you are a video creator then this is only for you. Video is a large platform of entertainment. Not only for entertainment could you create any type of video that will be interesting to your visitor. But you have to maintain the policy of Adsense. You never will be approved if you made video there has sexual availability or that sexual suggestive. If you want to make a video website so you have to build a website with a large space. For this creator don’t make a website publish the video.

Actually a large number of creators never work with video on own website. There have a world larger video platform called YouTube. If you want to make a career in the video sector you could choose the YouTube platform to publish videos and earn money from Adsense. Read the full description about earn from Adsense by YouTube bellow.

Earn from Adsense by YouTube

Earn from Adsense by YouTube
Earn from Adsense by YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform. The creator is working here with free of investment daily. If you are a video creator or you like to create video then you must have to choose this platform. You will get details about YouTube here. You will never able to make a speedy website like YouTube. Everyone likes to watch videos without loading. For this, they like to watch it here also. In YouTube visitor get every type of video that’s he need. About 5 billion views YouTube get in a day. So, imagine if you try to work here you will be able to get a large number of visitors in a small-time.

To work on YouTube you must have to maintain policy & community guidelines. If you able to create good quality of videos and that is attractive for a visitor then you will be a success in this sector 100% sure. You have to ensure that people are waiting for your video.

To earn from Adsense by YouTube you have to do work hard first. You just have to focus on your work first. When your channel will be popular then you will be able to earn money from Adsense on YouTube. After getting the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watch time on your channel you will be able to apply for Adsense for your channel. When you will get the approval of AdSense for your channel then you will place ads on your videos and earn money from here.

How to windrow money from Adsense?

After starting work on Adsense you will be informed about your income on your Google Adsense dashboard. When you will get $12 on your Adsense account then Google will send you a verification letter to your address. When you will get a letter on your hand then you could add your local bank account on your Adsense account. Then you are all set. When your earning will be minimum of $100, your amount will be automatically transferred to your linked bank account.


For an online career, Google Adsense is very important to earn a better amount. You could work here a lifetime. If you work honestly and professionally you will able to earn millions of dollars easily. But you have to work hard in this sector. For a writer, writing is an occupation. If you can write that need for an audience you will be a success must in here. Photography is a hobby. If you do it professionally you also will be successful sure. And as a creator, if you love to make video and you have enough creativity about this you will be a success also.

Generally, to be successful you have to work hard and need to work with creativity also. Adsense is always ready to pay you for your work if you a proper worker.

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