Today we are living in a generation of technology. In the future, it’s going to be more useable than now. It’s growing up everyday. Now we always depend on technology. There is thousand of technology we use everyday. We can do nothing without technology now. It’s an essential part of our life. Wherever we go, what we do, we can’t available to do anything without technology now. The importance of technology in our life is high. Now I will explain some examples of everyday technology.

Technology made us smarter. We use technology every day of our life. If you are at home you stay with technology, if you are going to out of home then you also need technology. With every activity, you must need technology in daily life. You believe or not, now you are totally depended on technology. Without technology you are nothing. Because of this, technology is now our habit. We can’t ignore this habit now because we can’t live without technology.

Value of Technology

We everyone know the value of technology now. The value of technology is not countable. Technology brings this beautiful life to us. We are using technology to make life easier. Technology gives us everything that we want. Before 50 years, technology was a dream but now it’s a general thing for us. Because we all are using this now easily. One time uses of technology were too hard and costly also.  But now easily access and small prices made it useable for all types of people. Technology got No.1 value in any subject. From the last 10 years, did you see anything that not uses of technology? Never, in this time everyone works with technology to make this easy.

In business, job, medical, education, scientific experiment, exploring space and many other sectors using technology now. Without technology, this type of work is not possible now. To stay with the current generation you must have to use technology everyday.

Uses of Technology.

You can see in the picture, you will understand to uses of technology in the agriculture sector. In past times people worked hard to complete work. But after getting the technology it being very easy to do. In the sector of agricultural, farmers worked hard inland to make food. They did make that in a small amount.  Now technology makes their working type easy and they make a large amount of food than previous. They increase their making capacity high by using technology.

Examples of Everyday Technology

I can’t explain to you a total example of everyday technology by write here. We are using multiple features of technology everyday. In any type of work, we want to do with technology for better results and easily compete. No one can’t hard work physically for technology now because everyone depends on technology. But everyone works hard by brain now. Everybody try to complete their work technically. They find to do their work in an easy way by technology. Technology provides us a lot of features to use that perfectly.
Read here about the technology we use everyday to make our daily living easier. We always try to make life better. In a day we are using multiple technologies without thinking about it. See the list of technology we use everyday.

  • Using a smart device
  • Technology use in home
  • Technology uses in study.
  • Technology uses to purchase.
  • Technology uses in relationship

Using a smart device

The smart device is very important gives by technology. This type of smart device makes our life easier and better. Smart devices like Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Ipad and more other things. From after wake up to before sleep, we are always using this type of gadget. Mainly Smartphone is the most useable gadget. We use smartphones anywhere & at any time. Smartphone made with multiple features. you can do all kind of work by this type of Smartphone In daily life. We use it to play songs, movies, games, phone call, Chatting, browsing the internet, reading news watching TV channel and many others. We also use technology. This technology is most useable in all of.

Technology use in home

Today most of home is covered with technology. Before 50 years there was small technology use in the home but now without technology a home never made. From build in constriction to furniture we always use technology to make the home better. This was only made about home. We work in our home also with technology. We watch television, refrigerator, use light, fan, air conditioner, washing machine, iron, calling bell, smart home assistant, and hundreds of technology in our home every day.  But we never feel that we are using this type of technology.

We also use technology in our kitchen at home. In the kitchen, we use multiple gadgets of technology. Like as blender, heater, rice cooker, micro oven and more. That’s all are a big child of technology.

Technology uses in study.

The study is the most important factor in our life. Without study, we can’t do anything big in the whole life. To make something better in the world we must need to study. For this reason, scientists always working on this to make study in a more creative way. Technology is the most useable for students now. Students must need to use technology to study in a different way. A student always can’t stay with the book but they can stay with their Smartphone always. By smart phones, they could read anything from the internet or online eBook. Many website and apps provide any kind of book online to read anytime. Read about important of education here.

Students also use a laptop, iPad, desktop and some other thing to make studies easier & Interesting.  In school or college, they also include many technology gadgets to make good tech opportunities. Teachers using multiple gadgets at school or college to provide complete knowledge to students in more easy ways. Read here why phone should be allowed on school.

Technology uses to purchase.

Before 20 years we always go to a shop to purchase something on the market. But there was all of the manual processes to buy something. Then we always needed to wait to buy something and there was much arrangement to hand over money. But now all is advance by technology. Most of the shop now converted now in the super shop. In a super shop, all of the processes are made by technology. We get all the things in one place in an automated way. We never need to carry money. We always use a plastic credit or card to purchase anything. For this, we are always safe from the hijacker.

Online shopping is one of the great uses of technology in the purchase. There are millions of online market place now to buy anything. In all of is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy anything online. Buy the online marketplace we can order anything from home and they could deliver it to our home a few times.

Technology uses in relationship

In a relationship, technology makes a large opportunity. Please think before 30 years. What was when? In that time a relationship was very hard to make. There was no contact method to talk with each other. There was only one way to contact that was a letter. When it called a love letter also. If someone wants’ to contact each other they wrote a letter and sent it by the post office. Once another got this in 5-10 days he wrote a reply letter. Think, how much slow process was this to contact with each another.

Now we have thousands of way to contact each other. We can write a message on our Smartphone and we can send it in one second on another hand. Not only text message now, but we can also contact voice calls, video calls in live any time with our Smartphone or laptop.

To make a relationship: Now technology used to make relations also. There have many online virtual dating sites to make a relationship with each other.  In these sites, people create accounts to search soul mate., eharmony, bumble is an example of those sites of sites.

Pros and cons

Read here about the pros and cons of technology. Everyday we use technology. For this, we must have to ensure that, what is the positive & negative impact of technology. I explain here total positive and negative impact of technology.


There has more technology we use everyday to make our day better. But it’s always out of thinking. Because technology is now in our habit. Technology gives us million of ways to live in smarter ways. This example of technology we use everyday is not much to know everything about our uses of technology. But you got some important topics here about technology we use every day.

In our life technology is the most important part of life in a better way. Now we can’t live without it in better ways and not with generation also. I ensure here what is technology and uses of technology we are using. You could read here also about definition of the technology.


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