We are living in a smart generation. In 2020 we are going to be a high part of the biggest future. I this time we all know we couldn’t live without technology anymore. In the future, we will get more technology to develop our society. In the previous 20 years, we are now living with a 90% increased society by technology. Technology gives us a beautiful and easy life in privies 20 years. Society gets a highly positive impact on technology in previous years. For this, you understand why technology is important in society. But now I will explain some importance of technology in society that’s made our smart days.

Human life & technology never could be separate. You know society is recyclable. We always try to change our society. I mean we always work on make society better by technology. Value of technology in society is on a large amount. We made technology for make our life better.  On depend of technology our needs & demand daily increasing every day. Human using technology to make better experience on travel, communication, to learn, to do business, and to make our life more easier & comfortable.

Impact of technology in society

The impact of technology in society is very large. But you have to feel an impact on what’s about this, how is positive and how many on the negative issues.

Negative Impact: We all are known that every positive has a negative impact on any type of issue. Without negative, positive couldn’t found able. So, if you have a positive issue, you have to sure have a negative issue also against that. Technology made life easier but sometimes it very dangerous for human life. It’s made a large negative impact on food & pollution. Somewhere it’s dangerous for children also for use. But it’s haven’t any high negative impact on society.

Positive Impact: The positive impact of technology on society is very high. Before 30 years we didn’t think how will be our life! Technology builds and increasing very fast. Society changing and increasing every day by the good impact of technology.  We are living in this smart society by the only value of technology. Communication is a large positive impact on society.

“Basing on the example on top of technology by itself isn’t harmful to society; however, the manner society uses technology to attain specific goals is what results in negative impacts of technology on society. Humans need to use energy to method product in factories, to run cars, to light-weight homes and additionally run technological machines like computers, however the sole manner we are able to do that while not poignant the setting and society is by shifting from exhaustible energy sources to renewable and inexhaustible sources like star / Wind energy. I tried to list each positive and negative impacts of technology on our society”

Positive Impact of Technology on Society

Technology made mechanized agricultural.

Technology made mechanized agricultural

The value of agriculture in society is always first. In the age of the world, we have to stay with it. We can’t live without it. We always try to stay living in a short way but in these short way agricultural issues always will be a part of our life. To live we must have to eat food. Food isn’t possible without agriculture. For this reason, scientists always work on it to make agricultural more mechanized. 30 years ago, we didn’t see any type of machine for growing agricultural. For this person who worked in this sector, they worked so hard but finely they get a small result. But now with advanced technology here they work with every type of machine that made for this type of work and getting amazing result in this sector.

Mechanized technology on agriculture always brings a positive impact on society. We need to live in society. To live we always trying to make it better.

Technology Made Better Compunction

Communication with technology made a large positive impact on society. Why today our life is so speedy? Did you ever think that? Communication in technology makes our life easier. Now we can’t go one step without this. There are many types of communication made by technology for the next generation of society. Such as Telephone, Television, Radio, internet and many more that to totally countable. This type of technology is mainly made to go future early. This type of networking facility really made us so speedy. At this time have no one who doesn’t use this type of networking service.

Face book, WhatsApp, Istagram, twitter and more other social media made for smarter communication. This all are child of technology. This type of service made easy communication. For this, we can contact each other in a second.

Technology Improve transportation

Technology Improve transportation

Fast transportation is one of the best gifts of technology. Before 50 years we never went to another place fast like now.  Now we are 99% faster than that previous time. At this time we can go to another side of the world in just a few hours. Why is it possible? This is only for technology. Technology provides us everything that we want.  That provides us more things that out of our thinking also.

Both society and business all were being benefited by the technology of transportation. Transportation technology mainly made our life super speedy. Now time is our most valuable thing. This transportation technology saves our time a large.

For society issues: we can go anywhere by fast transport technology in small time. We can physically reach each other on time.  We can maintain commitment also. Now a smart transport system feels like a rest when you are going to another place. 

For business issues: Now our business is worldwide. Everyone tries to do make their business large. For this, everybody wants to make a worldwide business. Transportation makes our business easier. We can export or import products instantly from a country to another. 

Technology Made Education smarter.

Education is our main topic in worldwide. Actually technology comes by education and technology made education better. It’s really connected with each other. Technology improved process of education and learning. We all know that education is backbone of nation.  People always try to organize education system to know more about informative.  In this time many school and college include latest technology to improving way of teach students.

 Latest technology like Projector, Computer, lpad, smart white board, mobile phone and much other technology made smarter education system. Use of this type of technology on classroom is made learning process easy. It’s get high positive impact in primary section of school.  Because I didn’t like this type of gadgets so much and then they feel interesting to learn new things.  They understand more with technology than manual education system.  Using a technology gadget is also part of education.  We are living in times of technology.  If you don’t know how to use technology gadget you could not build up yourself anymore.  You know education is a main part of society.

Technology used in medical science.

You know, what is medical science? It’s related to society, personal life, professional life and it’s connected with all issues in our daily life. Uses of technology in medical science are most important in our whole life. If we want to use the latest technology with the latest features, if you want to live in the future, we have to stay alive. Technology in medical science made our life easy. By technology, we can check our bodies at any time with some smart gadgets. We can instantly inform a doctor about our problem and they could give us an instant solution to our problem on time.

Have some Smartphone apps that could provide us any type of information about my body. By smart heart rate tracker, we could ensure about our heart rate also anytime. It’s technology. The robotic treatment system made our treatment and surgery better than normal.


After reading this article about the importance of technology in society I think you get complete knowledge about this. We are able to live in the world only for technology. A brain makes technology now technology works on to make the brain smarter. People are making virtual brains also by technology.


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