Definition of technology

What Is Technology Really? Technology can be a body of knowledge dedicated to making tools, technique actions and in addition the extracting of materials. The term ‘Technology” is wide, and everybody has their methodology of understanding it’s that suggests. We’ve associate degree inclination to use technology to accomplish varied tasks in our daily lives, in brief; we’ll describe technology as product and processes accustomed alter our daily lives. We’ve associate degree inclination to use technology to increase our talents, creating individuals the foremost crucial a section of any technological system. Small try to explain about definition of technology.

Technology is else Associate in Nursing application of science accustomed solve issues. However utterly very important to know that technology and science are all completely different subjects that job hand-in-hand to accomplish specific tasks or solve issues.

We apply technology in exactly regarding everything we’ve associate degree inclination to neutralize our daily lives; we’ve associate degree inclination to use technology at work, we’ve associate degree inclination to use technology for communication, transportation, learning, producing, securing info, scaling businesses up to currently a great deal of.  Technology is human data that involves tools, materials, and systems. The appliance of technology generally lands up in product. If technology is well applied, it edges humans; however the alternative is true, if used for malicious reasons.

Many businesses are pattern technology to remain competitive, they end up new product and services pattern technology, that they collectively use technology to deliver those product and services to their customers on time and at intervals budget. Associate degree honest example is mobile phones firms like Apple & Samsung, these mobile empires, use high-end technology to form new smart phones and completely different electronic devices to remain competitive. This competitive edge is gained through victimization advanced technology.

Technology Made Advance

Definition of the Technology

Technology is dynamic, it keeps on rising as a result of our wants and demands for technology persevere dynamical. We’ve stirred from the economic age (industrial revolution) to associate modern era. Throughout the economic age, corporations with giant sums of capital had the potential of using costly technological tools to realize the competitive advantage; tiny businesses had less potential as a result of they might not afford costly producing or process technology tools. However, advancement in technology has created a brand new economic atmosphere that depends on info, which is what we have a tendency to decision the ‘’INFORMATION AGE’’. The knowledge age provides a distinct work atmosphere, and this has helped tiny businesses gain position in extremely competitive markets.

Let’s take an easy example and see however technology has advanced:

Important Examples of Technology

We use technology to accomplish varied tasks, thus technology comes in numerous forms. Below I actually have listed a number of the various forms of technology we have a tendency to use on an each day associate degree in every quite technology I actually have enclosed an example of that individual technology. Technology made for better life.

Technology in Constriction

Technology in construction

This is the study of advanced ways and instrumentality wont to build basic and advanced structures. One kind includes buildings and significant engineering structures like bridges. Construction ways use varied technological merchandise to erect a structure. The utilization of construction technology tools like significant tractors to arrange the land, software package to make digital styles for structures in 2nd and3D format. These tools at the side of several others facilitate builders to expeditiously complete a project on time, inside budget and with minimum accidents.

Technology in Communication

Technology in Communication

Technology in communication field is very important to us. Now we always staying connected with each other. How can we do it? It’s a main feature of technology. Now world in our hand. We can do anything that we want really. We always connected with our friends, family relative and more other people by communication of technology.

  Smartphone, computer & internet these three things make our life ultra easy to live. There is lot of social media to make communication is better. We got news instantly for different site of world.  In Smartphone we can talk with a person who is far from us thousands of miles.

Technology of Assistive

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is utilized by of us with disabilities to accomplish specific tasks that unit of measurement hard or unfeasible to perform. The term”Assistive” implies that serving to or providing an extra hand. useful technology is obtaining utilized in many ways, in schools it’s accustomed facilitate students with syndrome to seek out higher, it’s accustomed facilitate of us with disabled bodies move, to boot, with the employment of speech recognition applications people who space live} international organizational to kind unit of measurement able to use a laptop computer then much more. Due to advancement in technology, we’ve a spread of useful technologies that assist many to accomplish tasks which can preferably be thought of unfeasible.

Technology in Medical

Medical Technology

This is the type of technology that’s utilized to extend and improve human life. Medical technology reduces patient’s pain and cares for an injury. Developed countries have benefited from the use of medical technology in their aid systems, and this explains the principle why people in developed countries leave longer than people in developing countries. Medical technology is utilized to diagnose infections, treat diseases and to analysis diseases touching humans, etc.

Technology in Information

Technology in Information

Information Technology could be a set of hardware and computer code tools accustomed store, transfer and method data. Data technology tools facilitate in providing the correct folks with the correct data at the correct time. Data employees in a company use data technology to finish varied tasks and these will include; transferring of data that facilitates higher cognitive process at intervals a company, improve client service, and then rather more.

 During this modern era, it’s imperative to manage data systems to make sure accuracy and potency. Management data systems (MIS) involves coming up with for, development, management, and use technology tools to assist knowledge employees and folks perform all tasks associated with scientific discipline and management. Huge money establishments like banks use data technology to work their entire businesses yet as serve their customers.

Technology in Entertainment

Technology In Entertainment

 This use of technology to make Associate in Nursing amusement expertise. Since amusement is just too broad, everybody gets diverted in their means. Technology is employed to make video games, to develop musical systems so rather more. Amusement technology includes things like video, sound, animations, scenery fabrication, laptop simulations and interactive environments so rather more.

Technology in Business

Technology in Business

This is technology accustomed run a business and enhances numerous business operations; it commonly consists of a mixture of package and hardware. Several businesses square measure victimization technology to scale its growth. Tiny businesses have used technology to form new ways that of competitive with well-established corporations. To some extent, some businesses technologies will build a tiny low company seem like a giant company, and this may facilitate a tiny low business gain position in an exceedingly competitive market.

Technology in Education

Technology in Education

Education technology aims at up a student’s performance by making and managing varied technological processes and resources in or out the schoolroom. It’s an educational discipline that prepares people to accumulate deeper understanding and information. It helps them learn the way to plan solutions to issues through analysis, design, evaluation, and utilization. Academic technology helps in up the approach we have a tendency to learn, a number of the advantages of academic technology include:

– It motivates students and encourages individual learning.

– Quick access to academic material

– Helps students learn new subjects and languages through gasification

Solve Problem by Technology

Technology is meant with a purpose of determination problems; it’s to satisfy human wants and needs. We have a tendency to use technology in numerous ways; a minimum of everybody uses technology in unidirectional or another. a tangle exists once we encounter difficulty; problem-solving is human behavior, though’ our approach varies from person-to-person. Throughout the method of determination a tangle, the subsequent is taken into consideration.

Develop associate degree understanding of the matter through observation.

Devise a concept for determination that drawback.

Implementing the set up.

Evaluating the set up.

Technology is going to be utilized in all those four stages of problem-solving, however, for you to simply perceive the way to solve issues mistreatment technology, see image example below.

Identifying a Technological downside

During this stage, you’ll get to outline the matter by explaining matters that desires a technological resolution and establishing the standards that technological system or device must meet.  Then you have got to collect data required to start developing solutions for the matter or scenario.

Developing an answer

During this section, you’ll got to develop potential solutions that may solve a given downside. you’ll check quite one resolution till you refine the simplest resolution to unravel that downside for good and meet the chance.

Evaluating the answer

At this stage, you’ll be modeling the simplest resolution through testing and evaluating all planned solutions by use of graphics, statistics, and mathematical modeling techniques. For you to pick the simplest technological resolution, you’ll got to compare the look solutions relating to economic, market, technical, production, and environmental criteria to work out the simplest resolution to it explicit downside.

Communicating the answer

Now that you just have evaluated all solutions, it’s time to speak the ultimate resolution to your team through graphical drawings, reports, and mathematical suggests that. If you accept as true with your team, you’ll be able to currently plow ahead and gift the answer for approval from the management or government.

In Conclusion:

Judging from the four steps of finding a drag exploitation technology, you’ll see that the technology we tend to area unit exploitation started with a thought of finding a drag or meeting a chance. An individual or a gaggle of individuals saw the matter or the chance, and that they designed solutions for meeting that downside or chance. These days we’ve numerous technologies that were designed to resolve straightforward issues, for instance, social networks like, have resolved communication and social interaction downside. Cheek here why technology is important for us.



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