SEO And Tactics To Boost Traffic

an you guess how many blogs are posted in a day? Any number you can think of? Just on the Word Press platform alone, more than 2 million blogs are posted each day, which makes around 24 posts per second. And if we will consider all the blogs across the internet, this number will be huge! So, you see, it’s sort of tough to leave a mark. But if you want to make yours a successful blog, you have to. The time you spend optimizing your blog is as important as the time you spend writing the blog. And which is why it’s no wonder why millions keep searching for the term “SEO” on Google. Needless to say, to show up on the Google front page is what decides whether your content is cherishing, or perishing.

SEO is very crucial to increase the traffic on the website significantly. As soon as the website gets ranking on the first page of Google’s search results, it will gain visibility to the users and eventually more traffic will be generated to the website.

Designing, writing, linking, all of these form important parts of SEO.

Table of Contents

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • How does SEO work? White Hat vs. Black Hat…
  • Strategies or tactics to boost traffic

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is the way of enhancing the traffic on a website by boosting the visibility of a website/web page to users of a web search engine, i.e., increasing the visibility of unpaid websites and excluding direct and paid traffic.

Breaking it down further, there are you, Google, and the net surfer. If you have published an article on how to bake an eggless cake, you want your page to show up in top results.

How does SEO work? White Hat vs. Black Hat…

Around 75% of the web searchers use Google as their search engine. Google has a very well guarded algorithm with over 200 factors that it takes into consideration before showing results to its users. So it’s very common for people to look for easy ways out and that brings us to the next thing – white hat and black hat.

But, you have to decide whether you’re in it for the long run or short. Let’s have a look!

Just like there are short cuts for easy money and legit wise ways to earn money, there are two ways to promote your content as clearly explained in the image above. And it becomes your choice to decide what you want. The quick-rich thinking takes you to black hat SEO, while the long-haul thinking to the white hat SEO.

Putting it into right words, black hat SEO focuses only on attracting the algorithms and crawlers of search engines, not taking into account the end user- humans. This way, the websites get easily top ranked in a very short time, but that’s a way how they are dumped as well. Very soon, the search engine algorithms identify these and throw them into junk.

Whereas, White hat SEO will keep your business sustainable. You will have to build the content, design, the links, and relevant feedback, make your website user friendly, and add some value by your presence. This is where you focus on the end-user –humans. It might take longer for you, but you won’t have to be worried about the legal repercussions of the upcoming rules and regulations.

So, decide for yourself! In it for a sprint or a marathon?

Strategies or tactics

Having decided for your business, we hope that you are in for the long haul and will go for the White Hat SEO. Much like you, our wise reader, are many others who choose this way and yes, you have competition. So, how you do it becomes equally important as to why and what you do. Evidently, you have to know the tricks and tactics to frame your content in a way that garners the web’s attention. Let’s have a look.

There are several strategies which can be used for SEO:

01. SEO audit on the website:

It basically means that one needs to examine the overall site performance very closely and ensure that SEO meta-titles and descriptions are added. Additionally, URL structure should be optimized for the search engines and the content should be optimized appropriately rather than doing keyword stuffing. Experts suggest that one should use around 3-4% keyword density throughout the article. All important points should be either made bold or italicized and each image should have keywords in their Alt tags.

02. Get relevant feedback from users’ interests

Your visitors are your best friends and critics. Each visitor’s comment should be well entertained on the posts. And to get an idea about the target audiences, any of the social platforms like Quora can be used. Keep an eye on each post’s shared count and keep coming up with newer ideas to engage your visitors.

03. Internal deep linking

Anchor text is used to link the pages inside your blog or website. Linking the pages in a proper manner would help the Google spider to see all the content in an organized way and your user to connect better. Also, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly so that it looks good not just on PC but on mobile as well.

04. SEO keywords’ research

One needs to act as a spy for getting the exact keyword by keeping an eye on the competitors’ keywords. Another point to be taken care of is that you should regularly update the old and outdated content. For this, you need to make a list of your underperforming pages and content and rephrase them with optimal usage of keywords, adding headings and subheadings and highlighting the important points.

So go on, stay aware and updated, work on your content, and enhance high-quality traffic on your site and engage your visitors. After all, who doesn’t want to become the household name in their sector or industry!

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