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Chromecast PowerPoint On TV: The screen size of the mobile and laptops are not convenient to the eyes, sometimes it is better to use a vast screen. ChromeCast makes it possible by screen mirroring your mobile or laptop on your TV. ChromeCast is a device that allows the users to cast their mobile, laptop or computer device to the TV. It is an invention of Google.

Through Chromecast one can cast media content like video, audio, and images and can view sites using Google. PowerPoint presentation also can be cast by the Chrome cast. Let’s see how Chrome cast mirrors the presentation from a device to a TV.

About ChromeCast:

Chrome cast is a portable streaming adaptor. The adaptor works as Dongle that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV. A cable that connects to the USB port is for power supply. After connecting Chrome cast to the TV, a simple application can control the devices function: Google home.

Chrome cast can cast anything (movies, songs, shows, photos) from Cast-enabled apps on android and IOS devices. An entire site can also be cast from the Google Chrome browser.

Mere casting is not the specialty of the Chrome cast, the quality of the streaming. If you connect your Chrome cast on a 4k TV, you can stream a 4k video that cannot be accessed by your mobile devices. For using Chrome cast you need the cordial android, IOS or windows, mac, or Chrome book with the updated version of the Google Home app.

A cast-enabled application like Netflix, YouTube, et, is the Cast button that allows you to cast the content instantly on your TV. From your computer, you can cast video by the Google Chrome browser. Once you are casting, do not forget that all controls are now held with the Google Home app, but the app does not need to be run while the casting. When some control options are needed, the app is needed.

Know About PowerPoint:

PowerPoint is a business-oriented software package. It is a product of Microsoft. It allows the users to create show slides to assist a presentation. PowerPoint gives an illustration of the presentation crux. It helps to clarify the major idea.

It is mostly used for creating a business presentation. But, it can be used to create educational, informal presentations too. The presenter can get any access or make any change by anytime.

It has immensely become popular. It is easy to use and creates a great a great impression with our presentation. You can combine text, picture, multimedia content, and graphics in a show slide. It is available in 102 languages.

How to ChromeCast PowerPoint on TV:

As stated earlier PowerPoint is a software that allows the users to create a simple slide to complex presentation and the Chrome cast can help with casting the presentation on the big screen (TV).

The following steps will help you to know how to Chrome cast a PowerPoint presentation on TV


# 1. Open Google Chrome browser on your pc.

# 2. Click the “Menu” button, then tap on the “Cast” button.

(A popup will appear and search for functional devices.)

# 3. Now, click on the “Sources” dropdown button.

(Cast tab option will be selected by default)

# 4. On that dropdown box, select the “Cast Desktop” option.

# 5. Now, select the Chrome cast device name to cast the whole desktop.

(You can now see your desktop on your TV screen)

# 6. Open your PowerPoint presentation, and start playing it on the TV.

Therefore, following the above steps will direct you to cast your presentation on your TV through Chrome cast.

Final words:

The PowerPoint presentation can be the case from your mobile device by screen mirroring your device. But, it has some issues like auto rotation. Casting from pc is the best way to cast a presentation. We hope this article gave you knowledge of Chromecast a PowerPoint presentation on TV.

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