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This won’t be new to you, but we know how hard it can be to earn more customers today. Moreover, not everyone dominates the digital sector and marketing strategies. On the other hand, appearing in the top positions of Google is getting harder and this is the most economical way to get “leads”. To do this you must apply SEO strategies, and since you are here we will introduce you 5 Best Web Application for Keyword Research

Consider that we are in the age of digitalization, where we can observe that the old marketing methods are being replaced by more effective strategies. We do not ignore the power of delivering a business card or the “flipping method”, but we must recognize that “who is not on the internet, is nowhere”. Currently, even the smallest company owns its “Google My Business” Account and a social media account.

But the most difficult thing is to appear on Google more effectively and consistently. You can do it yourself, creating a website, entering content and “applying SEO”, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. That’s why we created this post so you can help you, at least, in the search for keywords for the content you will enter on the web.

5 Best Web Application For Keyword Research

Within this comparison, we will talk about some SEO consulting tools, which also contain the keyword search engine. Some offer a Trial service, others are fully paid and others are free. Start.

01. Adwords Keywords Planner

The best tool for this search is offered by Google, through the AdWords Keyword Planner, with which you can get ideas, search volume, search results (competition), traffic estimates, multiply lists, segment and download to work with them.

Okay, now, what do I write about? Which content is the most relevant? What interests my users? What are they talking about? One of the practices that will give us the most result when generating content is active listening, understand what is said about a topic, who says it, when and where. And for this we can use tools like:

02. SEMRush

SEMrush is an all-in-one platform that has more than 20 online tools dedicated to different sectors of the digital world.

The main goal they have is to develop functions that help us to collect statistics and data on keywords, traffic analysis (both organic and paid), backlinks, PLA and website audits to detect the most serious errors that they may be committing.

But not only are they dedicated to the SEO world but among their tools is also the famous “Social media Tool” that allows us to spy on our competition on social networks.

Also, recently launched the “Content Template tool” and that is an invaluable help that facilitates the process of creating quality content and that will be better positioned in Google.

What is mentioned so far represents less than 30% of what they can offer in total.

It must also be said, that in SEMrush they do not stop growing and always throw new things for us.

03. AhRefs

Ahrefs is a tool for monitoring incoming links (backlinks), high accuracy and speed. This Ahrefs will help us discover the links that are being created in our domain. But not only will they help us discover the links that point to our domain, but we will also be able to know the volume of links to our competition. If we discover the incoming links of our competition, we can better understand the Linkbuilding strategy they have used and discover interesting platforms were to leave our link and above all, add value to users.

Unlike other tools like open site explorer, Ahrefs updates its database on a daily basis. In this way, we will be able to know the links that are created to our domain almost in “real-time”.

04. KWFinder

If you are looking for a way to find the best keywords at your fingertips, KWFinder is a tool that you will like very well.

But of course, it’s not 100% developed yet, and it has little things that are still closed.

KWFinder is one of the alternatives that I’ve been using in the last few months –and that most likely pays– and we’re going to go straight to know how it works and, above all, how you can squeeze it. KWFinder is a tool created by Mangools and has become, in a year I’ve been playing with it, one of my favorites.

I do not have a tool for keyword research predilection, I rely on several and pull out common elements. I have many implicit favorites. It is an SEO tool focused on keyword analysis, very useful when identifying long-tail keywords.

As you probably already know, long-tail keywords are those palatable keywords for having a medium-high search volume but a short competition. KWFinder is a REAL alternative to come to less Google Ads Keyword Planner.

At least it gives us exact search volumes.

But come on, that not only of search volumes lives this tool; now let’s see all that it can offer us, which is not little.

05. Serpped

SERPed supports multi-user accounts so you can collaborate and work with your team.

With project management features you can add, manage and assign tasks, verify your activity and much more. You can send notifications to your team members and add notes to share your opinion with your collaborators, or internal notes for yourself. You can also assign notes to ‘Rank Tracker’ for when you add new links.

Site administration is one of the many features within SERPed. We have advanced tools like ‘Site Manager’, ‘Backlinks Manager’, ‘Web Analytics’, ‘Uptime Monitor’, among others.

  1. With Site Manager, you get a detailed SEO review of your competitors ‘ data, your internal link profile, and your site’s backlinks.
  2. Backlinks Manager tracks your backlinks in real-time. You get information from your active links, indexed and non-indexed links, and other important metrics.
  3. Web analytics provides you with detailed reports on key traffic data. This tool keeps track of your visitors, their activities and traffic resources, to analyze growth opportunities.
  4. Uptime Monitor shows you the updated response time of your site. In fact, the tool monitors your site on a daily basis. You can even check your downtime (time of day and duration of inactivity).

Take full control of your online presence now.

End of Content:

I think the best tool is not the one that is more expensive or more features provide. If not the one that fits your needs. If you want to contact a Digital Marketing and SEO agency, you can talk to BIG Ads and they will give you all the information you need.

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