Pros and cons of technology

Technology is a very important issue in our life. I mean technology brings a golden life to us. Our life was so difficult without technology. If you want to know about the pros and cons of technology then you must have to know first what is technology & what is the impact of technology. Technology is our soul mate now. It’s really. Without technology, we are nothing in this generation. We forget to work hard by using technology in anywhere. You don’t sure which type of impact of technology is this. Is this pro or con of technology?

To know deeply about this, you have to think deeply. It’s a good positive impact on technology but here has some negative impact also. You are working with lots of technology easily it’s good but you forget to do hard work it’s not so good. Here have both impacts of technology.

Buy this type of example of the pros and cons of technology I will explain here some major uses of this. You get proper knowledge about the impact of technology here. Before know, you just have to know, what is technology and what is pros and cons?

What is technology?

You will get a complete knowledge about technology in this article about technology & definition of technology also. Technology gives us a stronger world to live with comfort. Technology gives us thousand of ways to make life easier. We use different of technology in our daily life. Thousand of technology we use everyday to make our life easier. If you see before and after technology, you will understand about total technology we are using. How technology made our life better than previous. Before 50 years people always did hard work physically but now everyone complete their work technically. We all are using brain now by different technological gadgets.

By using this type of technological gadget use make our life very easy. In different section of our life we are using technology in different ways. Sometime we use technology but we don’t think about this.

What is pros and cons?

I will include here some important pros and cons of technology but if you don’t know about pro and con you don’t understand this. So, before the start, you must have to sure about what I pro and con? We can explain the pros and cons of impact also. It’s explainable with a positive and negative impact. Pro is positive Impact and con is negative in any type of issue. Every positive impact has a negative impact on a must. So, I will explain here about the positive and negative impacts of technology.

Here are explained about pros and cons of technology.

In a lot of impact of technology, I will explain here some important pros and cons of technology that are related to our everyday life.

Pros & Cons of technology is listed below.

Pros and cons of technology in business

Pros: Technology brings a highly positive effect on business. In this time business is the most popular and dream occupation all over the world. Once a time businessmen faced a lot of harassment in business to processing. New all of the uses of technology make business advance. Every businessman is trying to increase their business worldwide. With the help of technology, every business growing fast. The express transport system of technology and better communication make business more easy and profitable.

The advertisement of the business products is very easy also by worldwide social media and international channels. Have a lot of marketing companies also to grow your business fast by using the latest technology in the digital marketing process.

Cons: Business gets a large number of positive effects of technology. But for this we got some negative impact also. In business, all are using high power technology like advance technical machines, robots, and more others. By this their no need much people to work. People being jobless by this type of technology use in business. Without a job, many families can’t live in good condition. Sometimes they were houseless also for the problem of money. It’s a big negative impact of technology in business also.

Pros and cons of technology in communication.

Pros: Communication gets the larger positive impact of technology. One time there was only one communication method that was latter by post office. It was a very hard and delay method. Once we write a letter to another person they got it after 5-10 days. But now we have thousand of the fastest communication methods to contact each other in a second. We can contact with any type of live process also. We can watch live news from another site in the world. Social media is a large positive impact of technology in communication. We get every news in our hand by Smartphone and laptop. By Smartphone we use social media from anywhere we want. Social media provide us every single viral news instantly.

Cons: One time when was small communication with each other than they always feel of relationship. Relative waits for another relative to see one time. But now by advance communication, everyone always contacts calls, massages and many different ways. For this, there is no value of relations now. The relationship got valueless by contacting with each other anytime. This type of advance communication made some critical conditions in personal life. Hackers get a lot of opportunities to hack anyone by these communication technologies. It’s a big negative impact of technology on communication.

Pros and cons of technology in social media.

Pros:  Social media is a great and essential example of technology. Now it’s a part of our life. It’s related to commutation. Social media give us a good communication way. By using social media we can solve many kinds of problems. We can get every single issue of current time on social media. In social media have a lot of help platform also to make life easier. In a group of social media, we can discuss with millions of people about my trouble.  Social media help us to improve business service by advertising to a selected audience. Because of every type of people using now social media. There was more much better experience of the positive impact of technology on social media.

Cons: Beside positive, there was a lot of negative impact of technology also on social media. Social media make our life better but sometimes it’s a very dangerous thing for us. Time is a highly valuable thing for us. Sometimes we spend a lot of time on social media without any type of importance. Every type of people uses social media. For this, some bad people target to some weak people and cheat with them in many ways. Sometimes it’s been a bad habit for a child to use social media. For this social media got some negative impact on technology.

Pros and cons of technology in education.

Pros: There is a lot of positive effect of technology on education. Education is the first purpose of our life. Technology made education easier and creative. All of the educational organization is using the latest technology to make more creative learning opportunities. They are using a smart whiteboard, computer, iPad, smartphone and many other gadgets on the school to teach students. Students are using the latest technology to read now.  Schools allow phones in school to use of latest technology. Every student can learn everything by searching Google. There has a lot of websites and apps they provide you any kind of book to read at any time. Every time students can know that’s on their mind.

Cons: Parents provide technological gadgets to children for learn more. But sometimes they use this most of their time in a day without any importance. The whole day, they use it for gaming, listening, watching and another something. Sometimes they use bad parts of the internet. It’s a large negative effect of technology also in education. Use a long time a Smartphone could be very bad for the brain also. Radiation of a phone can be the reason for the damage of the brain.

Pros and cons of technology in internet.

Pros: The Internet is the most useable technology worldwide. Technology is valueless without the internet. The total technological issue is connected to the internet. The Internet is the main child of technology. Business, communication, social media, education all technologies are connected with the internet. The Internet is the main part of all of technology. For this, all of the positive effects of technology go to internet first. Every technology works with an internet connection. The Internet brings the whole world in our hands. Technology and the internet are connected to each other. If you want to use the latest technology then you have to use features of the internet. The positive effect of technology on the internet is uncountable.

Cons: With millions of positive impacts of the internet, there were a lot of negative impacts also. In internet negative impact is higher than positive impact. The negative impact of internet is very dangerous. In this time we always connected with the internet. Actually I’m connected with the internet 24/7. There are millions of people also like me. Now we feel, our life is valueless without the internet. It’s real but we just need to maintain some uses of the internet. There were a lot of good or bad sites on the internet. We have to ensure in the whole internet world 5% is good. The other 95% are very bad. In good of 5%, there have some bad issues also. Porn sites are one example of this. By the internet, hacker attracts to general people and stole their important information. Then they could blackmail with that information. They hack bank account also by the internet and stole the money from bank account.


We are living with technology. Every positive impact has a negative impact on a must. Technology has a negative impact but a positive impact on a high amount. In million of positive impact, some negative impact is nothing. But we have to use all of the technology carefully. We need to try using only those things that are better for us and our future. Technology is a gift for earth. But we have to use this in the right way. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for us.

I think you remember these issues and you will care about your child also. You have to ensure you use every technology in the right way.


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